5 Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Clean And Fresh (Toilets Included!)

by Eliza Hamizah
LIFESTYLE  |  August 12, 2017
  • Get rid of yucky smells and odours
    1 / 5 Get rid of yucky smells and odours

    Some smells just linger. Helpling, a local cleaning company, shares these easy (and affordable) tricks to get rid of them.

    Frying smell: You have aired all rooms, but the smell of your fried fish or egg still remains in the apartment? Next time, look ahead by placing a bowl with vinegar in the kitchen before you start cooking. The vinegar absorbs the smell and hinders it from spreading to different rooms. In case you forgot to take preventive action beforehand, simply distribute ground coffee around the kitchen.

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  • Smelly shoes
    2 / 5 Smelly shoes

    Sweat makes your shoes stink, and ventilating them might not be enough to get rid of the smell. To imbibe the moisture and odour, place dry tea bags (new or used!) in the toe-caps. (Also Read: 6 Ways to Prevent Stinky Feet)

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  • Rubbish bins
    3 / 5 Rubbish bins

    The smell comes from liquids and the fermentation process your waste goes through. Thoroughly wash the bin with washing-up liquid and vinegar cleaner. After that, put some clumping cat litter at the bottom of the bin and place the bag on top. The litter will soak up the moisture. As soon as it clumps, simply get rid of it!

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  • Fridge
    4 / 5 Fridge

    Leftover food or forgotten fruit can be enough to ruin our appetite when opening the fridge. Remove the food causing the smell and clean the spot with vinegar cleaner. Next, sprinkle salt on a fresh lemon slice and place it in the fridge. The salty-sour combination absorbs smells on the spot! Replace it with a new lemon slice after about four days. (Also Read: How to Store Food Properly in Your Fridge & Freezer)

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  • Toilet
    5 / 5 Toilet

    Simply light a few matches! The sulphury odour effectively distracts from all other smells. If you want to create a pleasant bathroom atmosphere at home, light candles. These have the same effect as matches and look great as well! (Also Read: Home Aroma Therapy: Best Scents to Use For Every Room in Your House!)

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