7 Tips For Adding Volume And Thickness to Fine Hair

LIFESTYLE  |  March 01, 2018
  • The struggle is real
    1 / 8 The struggle is real

    If you’ve got thin and limp hair, you’ve probably already tried plenty of different volumising products claiming to be able to help improve the state of your hair.

    However, as celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak and Alissa Smith told Byrdie, there really are ways to improve and transform the look of your hair.

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  • Don't brush too often
    2 / 8 Don't brush too often

    According to Alissa, too much brushing could actually make hair appear more limp and leave it without volume.

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  • Apply products at the tips
    3 / 8 Apply products at the tips

    When applying products onto your hair, start from the tip, not the roots. The roots tend to absorb products better and will be more effective for your hair.

    Plus, certain products can weigh your hair down (especially on the roots), causing your hair to feel and look flat. Products may also clog the pores on your head when not washed out properly; leading to dandruff and an oily scalp.

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  • Use lightweight root lift
    4 / 8 Use lightweight root lift

    If theres one product you can directly apply to your roots, its root-lifting spray. Be sure to choose one thats lightweight and doesnt leave your scalp feeling oily at the end of the day.

    Want even more volume? Salt spray! But, only apply at the tips for added texture.

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  • Get the right haircut
    5 / 8 Get the right haircut

    If youve got long hair, layering could help add movement and volume to your hair so that it doesnt look as limp.

    If youve got short hair, go for blunt collarbone cuts with layers that can frame your face.

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  • Lay off on the conditioner
    6 / 8 Lay off on the conditioner

    As much as we love conditioner for making out hair soft and supple, it can also weigh your hair down.

    Plus, a lot of women tend to make the mistake of piling hair conditioner on their roots instead of from the tips, leading to more problems.

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  • Dry hair entirely before curling
    7 / 8 Dry hair entirely before curling

    When curling your hair to add texture and volume, be sure to let your hair dry entirely first. This ensures that your hair wont turn out limp and flat right after curling.

    For more volume, spritz on salt spray afterwards for extra texture.

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  • Use foam rollers instead of a hot iron
    8 / 8 Use foam rollers instead of a hot iron

    Over time, hot ironing your hair could cause it to lose its lustre — especially if you dont take care of your hair properly.

    Give your hair a break once in a while and use foam rollers or better still, the t-shirt curlers.

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