7 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

LIFESTYLE  |  September 13, 2017
  • Negative friends
    1 / 7 Negative friends

    It’s pretty easy to see why negative friends are not worth your time. Plus, all those acquaintances you’ve acquired over the years, let them go too. They’re not worth your time and energy.

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  • Seeking approval and acceptance from other people
    2 / 7 Seeking approval and acceptance from other people

    If you’re doing this often, stop. We know it’s hard to do considering how, as human beings, all we want is to feel accepted and liked, but don’t rely on other people’s approval and acceptance for happiness.

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  • Competing unnecessarily with other people
    3 / 7 Competing unnecessarily with other people

    Healthy competition can always spur us to be better versions of ourselves but when it’s all said and done, ask yourself who you should actually be competing with. The answer: yourself. Always work towards becoming a happier and healthier version of yourself and pay no mind to what other people are doing or where they are in life.

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  • Nitpicking your flaws
    4 / 7 Nitpicking your flaws

    If we got a dollar every time we belittled and doubted ourselves, our retirement plans are pretty much set. But unfortunately for us, that doesn’t happen so… why do we still do it?

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  • Working too hard towards perfectionism
    5 / 7 Working too hard towards perfectionism

    Don’t get us wrong, aiming for perfection can be a good thing when you’re trying to better yourself but don’t make it the end goal of any task you’re doing. Because when that happens, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment more than anything.

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  • Gossiping
    6 / 7 Gossiping

    Remember what we said about negative energy? Gossiping does just that… and so much more. Honestly, how many people emerge from a gossip session feeling great about themselves right?

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  • Being fake
    7 / 7 Being fake

    The last thing you should ever do is to play with other people’s feelings and expect for the universe to reward you with positivity.

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