7 Easy Ways to Give Limp Hair More Volume

LIFESTYLE  |  December 28, 2016
  • Change your parting
    1 / 7 Change your parting

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    This is probably the easiest solution of the lot. Hair that’s been parted the same way since forever tends to fall flat and limp. Change up your parting once in a while to refresh your look and prevent bald spots. For an effortlessly sexy look, do a deep side part. The look is chic, modern and easy to pull off.

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  • Get product help
    2 / 7 Get product help

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    Give your hair more body by spraying on a volumising product like Liese Airy Volumizing Hair Spray ($9.90, leading pharmacies and supermarkets). Spritz this near your roots and use your fingers to gently scrunch up small bunches of hair at your crown. 

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  • Reverse your shampoo and conditioner
    3 / 7 Reverse your shampoo and conditioner

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    Here’s a trick that girls with limp, flat hair will find especially useful: Apply your conditioner before shampooing. Conditioner can weigh hair down, and applying it before shampooing lets you hydrate and nourish strands while keeping them soft and bouncy. For best effect, use a volumising shampoo. (Also Read: Weird but Useful Beauty Hacks)

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  • Do an overnight braid
    4 / 7 Do an overnight braid

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    Get yourself some overnight curls by braiding your hair before bed. You’ll wake up with soft, tousled locks that are super easy to create. Psst, you won’t even need any heat tools to get these gorgeous waves! (Also Read: 3 Ways to Get Curly Hair Without Heat or Styling Tools)

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  • Line up your tools
    5 / 7 Line up your tools

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    If you’re looking for big, voluminous locks, sometimes your best bet is to break out your curling or crimping iron. Start curling closer to your roots for longer-lasting waves. 

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  • Blow-dry upside down
    6 / 7 Blow-dry upside down

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    When it’s time to blow-dry your strands, flip your hair over before you begin. Gravity will pull your strands away from your scalp, and you can work to quickly dry your tresses from root to tip. 

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  • Get a new haircut
    7 / 7 Get a new haircut

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    Sometimes you just need a visit to your stylist to switch up your entire look. If you’ve been putting off your haircut for too long, the heaviness of your strands can weigh hair down and make your crown look flat. Talk to your stylist about getting some layers cut in. 

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