6 Things That Really Are Worth Ending a Friendship Over

by Adora Wong
LIFESTYLE  |  February 23, 2018
  • They flake on you all the time
    1 / 6 They flake on you all the time

    Sure, urgent things crop up from time to time, but not almost every time. And if they constantly bail on you, its a clear indication that they just dont care for your company enough. Its an even clearer message when they always cancel on you without rescheduling — effort is two-way, ya?

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  • They can't be trusted
    2 / 6 They can't be trusted

    Is there a point associating with people you cant trust? If your pal is the sort to betray or lie to you, youll be wise to kick them to the curb. Friends are supposed to help you along this tricky thing called life, not make it worse.

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  • They're a frenemy
    3 / 6 They're a frenemy

    Started seeing a great guy recently? Been checking off your monthly fitness goals? You friend doesnt seem too happy for you. And if its because shes struggling with jealousy, or worse, resentment, you might want to talk it out. If things dont change, walk away.

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  • They're only around when it's a smooth ride
    4 / 6 They're only around when it's a smooth ride

    Unlike frenemies, theyre happy about the good things in your life. Theyre there to revel in good vibes with you. But the moment you need a shoulder to lean on, they’re nowhere to be found. A real friend may be busy, but will still take the time to check in. You know it.

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  • They make use of you
    5 / 6 They make use of you

    Theyre only in touch when asking to partake in, say, your membership discounts — or basically whenever they need a favour. Plus, they get standoffish when you say no to them. Quality over quantity, remember?

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  • They badmouth everyone
    6 / 6 They badmouth everyone

    And they probably badmouth you too. You may want to think twice about hanging out with someone so gossipy and backstabby. And negative and judgemental… you get the idea. It all boils down to respect, and its hard to be around someone with none.

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