6 Beauty Uses of Coconut Oil

LIFESTYLE  |  February 21, 2017
  • 1. Moisturiser
    1 / 6 1. Moisturiser

    Photo: lithian/www.123rf.com

    Apply coconut oil on the drier parts of your body, such as your elbows to get softer skin almost immediately. You can even apply it on your entire body!

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  • 2. Scrub
    2 / 6 2. Scrub

    Photo: Dmitriy Shironosov/www.123rf.com

    Mix coconut oil with sugar to make an instant DIY body scrub. Use finer sugar if you’re looking for a gentler scrub.

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  • 3. Makeup Remover
    3 / 6 3. Makeup Remover

    Photo: Antonio Diaz/www.123rf.com

    Ran out of makeup remover? Pour some coconut oil onto a cotton pad and you can clean off your makeup as effectively! Plus, it’s definitely free of chemicals.

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  • 4. Lip Balm
    4 / 6 4. Lip Balm

    Photo: dolgachov/ www.123rf.com

    Moisturise your lips and give it a natural shine by dabbing some coconut oil onto them.

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  • 5. Hair treatment
    5 / 6 5. Hair treatment

    Photo: www.gratisography.com/ www.pexels.com

    Rub some coconut oil on the ends of your hair to smoothen out any fizzy bits. If you have really dry hair you can even use it as an overnight hair treatment. Simply apply coconut oil into your hair (especially the ends), put in a bun and wear a shower cap before heading to bed. Wash it off in the morning before heading out for silkier hair.

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  • 6. Tanning Oil
    6 / 6 6. Tanning Oil

    Photo: stokpic.com/ www.pexels.com

    Slather coconut oil over your body before heading to the beach. It’ll keep your skin moisturised while helping you to get your desired tan faster! However, do remember to apply a layer of sunscreen first, because coconut oil definitely does not contain any SPF.

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