5 Ways To Prevent Dry Skin From Getting Drier

by Adora Wong
LIFESTYLE  |  December 27, 2017
  • Here’s something you might not know...
    1 / 6 Here’s something you might not know...

    …there’s a difference between hydration and moisture. Hydration is recommended for dehydrated skin, which lacks water. Moisture is necessary for dry skin, which lacks oil.

    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’ve got some tips on how to keep your skin moisturised throughout the day. That’s not to say we don’t need to both hydrate and moisturise our skin though, because we do. But if your skin type is more dry than anything, here are some things you can do to seal in more moisture.

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  • Shower in lukewarm water
    2 / 6 Shower in lukewarm water

    Hot showers are one of life’s best pleasures, but they don’t do your skin much good as the heat can strip away your skin’s natural oils. If you can’t give up hot showers, at least only use lukewarm water for your face and hands.

    Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

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  • Use a humidifier
    3 / 6 Use a humidifier

    A humidifier may look like something that should be only found in your grandmother’s house, but it’s actually really helpful in adding moisture into the air, which prevents your skin from drying out. Placing a small one on your desk just might make a difference for your skin.

    Photo: Yury Stroykin/123rf.com

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  • Don’t just eat your avocado
    4 / 6 Don’t just eat your avocado

    We know avocado contains good fat, but you can do more than just eat it—you can also apply it on your face. You can mash up some avo and apply it directly as a mask for your face, or mix in some sugar and honey and use it as a scrub.

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  • Choose your moisturiser carefully
    5 / 6 Choose your moisturiser carefully

    Don’t just use any moisturiser. It’s got to be on that will benefit your skin type, so make sure you know what you need before splashing money on a purchase.

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  • Rethink your lifestyle choices
    6 / 6 Rethink your lifestyle choices

    You know too much caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol isn’t good for your skin, and that you should wear sunscreen all the time, even when indoors. But how many of these pieces of advice do you really adhere to? Also remember to enjoy a healthy diet and to exercise – it flushes out the bad stuff from your skin.

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