5 Ways To Handle Criticism At Work

LIFESTYLE  |  November 01, 2017
  • Remember that criticism will help you
    1 / 5 Remember that criticism will help you

    Instead of taking criticism badly, think about how criticism can help you improve and encourage you to work harder.

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  • Don't get defensive
    2 / 5 Don't get defensive

    While it’s perfectly normal to get defensive and feel the need to justify yourself, don’t Instead, keep it all in and wait till after the meeting or discussion to react.

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  • Think of the feedback before responding
    3 / 5 Think of the feedback before responding

    Instead of lashing out immediately, think about the feedback, process it and find out if it really applies to you before retaliating and responding.

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  • Always keep calm
    4 / 5 Always keep calm

    Instead of losing your cool and getting angry, stay calm throughout your meetings. Take the criticism in your stride, smile and always remember that you can get through this.

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  • Make it a point to discuss problems
    5 / 5 Make it a point to discuss problems

    If you still feel that the feedback you’ve got isn’t justified, make it a point to discuss it with your boss so as to clarify and better yourself.

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