5 Top Mascara Tricks for Stunning Eyes

LIFESTYLE  |  May 05, 2017
  • For youthful-looking gazers
    1 / 5 For youthful-looking gazers
    • Lift droopy lids by applying a touch more lengthening mascara to outer lashes. It’ll create a winged effect that instantly perks up peepers.
    • If your lower lashes curve upwards rather than downwards, skip mascara as this will “close up” your eyes and make them appear smaller.
    • Black mascara can sometimes look harsh and ageing. Instead, try softer tones like deep purple, which complements brown gazers, or even navy, which brightens the whites of eyes.

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  • To make your eyes look bigger
    2 / 5 To make your eyes look bigger
    • Apply more mascara to the top and bottom middle lashes to make eyes look rounder and more open.

    • Using a darker mascara on the upper lash line and a brown or grey one on the lower lash line creates a subtle wide-eyed effect.

    • Instead of using eyeliner to enhance peepers, wiggle the mascara wand at the base of lashes, then pull through straight through the tips. This gives you instantly denser-looking lashes that define eyes sans the struggle with the pencil.

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  • For maximum drama
    3 / 5 For maximum drama
    • Do mix and match your favourite mascaras to get the ideal look you want. For easy removal and lasting power, use a non-waterproof formula for your first coat, then end with a waterproof one.
    • Just before the mascara dries on lashes, dip an eyeshadow brush into some glittery loose eyeshadow powder, lightly tapping it onto strands for an unexpected hint of shimmer.
    • Instead of applying mascara to just one side of lashes, don’t forget to coat the other as well to up the wow factor.

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  • Fix Mascara Mishaps
    4 / 5 Fix Mascara Mishaps
    • Smudged some mascara on lids? Don’t reach for a cotton bud just yet. Let the splodge dry, then wipe it off gently with a little makeup remover. This prevents the stain from smearing across your lids, creating a bigger mess.

    • If curled lashes tend to straighten out after applying mascara, the formula might be too wet. Wave the wand around for about three seconds before application to dry the formula a bit. It’ll also prevent you from glopping on too much product at once.

    • Banish under-eye smears by making sure the eye cream you use isn’t too oily and has been fully absorbed before applying eye makeup. If you have oily lids, you may also want to dust lids with a little translucent powder or lightweight powder foundation.

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  • Troubleshooting tips
    5 / 5 Troubleshooting tips
    • If the mascara is starting to dry and thicken up too much, warm up the tube between your hands for a couple minutes, or drop it into a cup of warm water, to make the formula a little softer and smoother.

    • To reach the tiniest lashes, use the narrow tip of the brush, and don’t forget you can also bend the brush head for easier access to tight corners.

    • If you’re not sure which mascara to pick, don’t waste money on a dud. A good hint is to look at the brush shape — in general, the bigger the brush, the bolder the look, and if it has a spoon shape, that’s supposed to give lashes a curve and lift.

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