5 Really Common Cleaning Mistakes To Stop Making Now

LIFESTYLE  |  October 10, 2017
  • Not washing your washing machine
    1 / 5 Not washing your washing machine

    The tropical Singapore weather makes it especially easy for mould and mildew to get funky in the washer drum. Run an empty cycle at the highest level and hottest setting and add two to four cups of white cleaning vinegar to the wash cycle. After the cycle, wipe down the drum with a damp microfibre cloth, and leave it open to dry. Clean the detergent dispensers with a toothbrush, too.

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  • Removing dust with a wet wipe
    2 / 5 Removing dust with a wet wipe

    Coffee table getting dusty? Easy peasy – simply swipe a wet wipe over it, right? Wrong. The moisture – which takes especially long to dry up in Singapore’s humid weather – will simply attract even more dust. Always finish off by wiping the surfaces dry; or, try anti-static wipes.

    Photo: Sergiy Tryapitsyn/123rf.com

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  • Over-packing your wardrobe
    3 / 5 Over-packing your wardrobe

    It’s not a good idea to pack too much into your wardrobes, as a musty smell develops easily. Hang an air freshener in a corner of your wardrobe that enjoys the best ventilation. Want a DIY solution? Mix a packet of bi-carb soda with a packet of loose leaf tea and place it in your wardrobe to get rid of icky smells.

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  • Storing wet cleaning tools
    4 / 5 Storing wet cleaning tools

    Oh hey, breeding ground for bacteria! We’re sure you get the gist by now: Avoid leaving things moist. It could be your toilet brush, your mop, or anything you’ve just used to clean. Leave them out to drip-dry in an area with good ventilation before storing them.

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  • Using too much cleaning solution
    5 / 5 Using too much cleaning solution

    It’s a common misconception that the more you use, the cleaner it gets. But sometimes, less is more – using more than the recommended amount gives you too much foam, which prevents dirt from being removed effectively. Also, why take away from the longevity of your cleaning solutions?

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    A version of this story first appeared in The Finder.

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