5 Legit Reasons Why You Need To Wear Sunscreen Every Day

LIFESTYLE  |  February 14, 2018
  • The truth about sunscreen
    1 / 6 The truth about sunscreen

    Did you know skin cancer is one of the most common concerns due to increased ultraviolet exposure from the sun? Wearing sunscreen regularly will help protect your skin. Here’s a guide on when to use the different formulations available:

    Sport and other outdoor activities – Choose quick-drying formulas with sweat-resistance.

    Road trips – Ensure your car has tinted windows and apply a facial SPF30 sunscreen to skin.

    The office – UV travels through glass so you still need protection. Choose an antioxidant moisturiser with broad-spectrum protection. Antioxidants act like sponges, quenching nasty by-products from our UV interaction.

    Beach – Bring out the big guns – only SPF50+ will do at the beach. Look for water-resistance for at least 40 minutes.

    If you haven’t got into the habit of wearing sunscreen daily, scroll through the gallery to find out why you need it as part of your daily routine.

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  • It provides protection
    2 / 6 It provides protection

    Studies have proven that sunscreen decreases your risk of developing deadly cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that everyone wear sunscreen daily for the safety of their skin. Using sunscreen daily, even when it’s cloudy or raining, dramatically decreases your risk of developing skin cancer.

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  • The ozone layer is depleting
    3 / 6 The ozone layer is depleting

    With the depleting ozone layer, your body requires shielding from the harmful rays. Do not be fooled by the overcast clouds, the sun’s ray is still strong! Many people think they don’t need sunscreen on overcast days or for brief stints in the sun, but for the ultraviolet rays that damage your skin, a little cloud cover means nothing. UV light penetrates clouds with ease, so you need protection even on cloudy days.

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  • It slows down the ageing process
    4 / 6 It slows down the ageing process

    Sunscreen keeps you looking young. Dermatologists estimate that 90 per cent of visible ageing comes from the hours you’ve spent in the sun. Wearing sunscreen daily, slows down the development of wrinkles and visible damage. Sunscreen also prevents facial brown spots and discolourations, plus it helps to reduce the appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness.

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  • Sun damage is cumulative
    5 / 6 Sun damage is cumulative

    Don’t be fooled into thinking you can build up a safe tan; there’s no such thing. Every exposure contributes to possible damage at the cellular level. Spare your skin the damage and wear your sunscreen.

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  • You're spoilt for choice as a consumer
    6 / 6 You're spoilt for choice as a consumer

    Sunscreens can be physical, chemical or a hybrid of both. Physical sunscreens sit on the skin’s surface and reflect UV rays, whereas chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays. One does not outperform the other, so it’s a personal choice. These days you can spray it on, rub it in or smooth it over your skin with a rolling applicator.

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