5 Genius Hacks to Get Every Last Drop Out Of Your Beauty Products

LIFESTYLE  |  February 01, 2018
  • Use your hands where possible
    1 / 5 Use your hands where possible

    Unless its an exfoliating toner, use your hands whenever youre applying beauty products onto your face so they don’t go to waste on a cotton pad. Once you’e done applying the products on your face, make sure to apply some on your neck and arms too.

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  • Alternatively, use a spray bottle
    2 / 5 Alternatively, use a spray bottle

    If your toner or essence has a watery consistency, try putting it into a spray bottle. Not only are you able to spritz on your beauty products more efficiently, youre also preventing wastage.

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  • Use a spatula
    3 / 5 Use a spatula

    Spatulas dont just make it easy for you to dig out products from jars. They also keep things clean and hygienic for you and prevent cross contamination of products.

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  • Mist your face before applying products
    4 / 5 Mist your face before applying products

    After getting out of the shower, mist your face to open up your pores and dampen your skin. This preps skin for absorption and maximises the efficiency of your expensive beauty products.

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  • Squeeze all the essence from sheet masks into bottles
    5 / 5 Squeeze all the essence from sheet masks into bottles

    Sheet masks are high in concentrated ampules and serums that work to moisturise, hydrate and pamper your skin so dont let them go to waste. Instead of applying your sheet mask on your face for 20 minutes and tossing it out, make sure to apply the essence onto your neck, arms and everywhere else that needs some moisture. Alternatively, squeeze some of it into a bottle before applying it onto your face and make sure to get all the goodness out of the packet it came in too.

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