5 Eyeliner Hacks to Get That Perfect Line

LIFESTYLE  |  February 12, 2018
  • Hold your breath
    1 / 5 Hold your breath

    Holding your breath each time you apply eyeliner on your eye can help you steady your hand. Plus, your face wont accidentally twitch!

    Photos: 123rf.com and Pixabay

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  • Clench your toes
    2 / 5 Clench your toes

    Heres a makeup artist’s trick: just like holding your breath, clenching your toes can also help steady your hand and allow you to focus better on drawing that perfect line.

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  • Go for the waterline
    3 / 5 Go for the waterline

    If its still difficult to draw a line on your eyelid, opt for your waterline instead. Simply lift your eyelid up and get an eyeliner that’s easy to blend and trace is along your waterline. It helps you define your eyes better and when paired with mascara, itll look a little more natural.

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  • Clean up with a cotton bud and some lotion
    4 / 5 Clean up with a cotton bud and some lotion

    Made a mess? Instead of using eye makeup remover, coat a cotton bud with some lotion instead and use that to clean up any mess youve made. The result will be a lot cleaner.

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  • Use a nude eyeliner first
    5 / 5 Use a nude eyeliner first

    Instead of going straight for your trusty black or brown eyeliner, trace the shape you want with a nude pencil first. Afterwards, layer on with the black or brown eyeliner of your choice.

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