5 Daily Habits of Happy People

LIFESTYLE  |  September 21, 2017
  • They have hobbies they enjoy
    1 / 5 They have hobbies they enjoy

    Making time to do an activity you enjoy every day gives you something to look forward to after a long day at work. It could be anything from exercising, watching Netflix or cooking a meal for your loved ones.

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  • They disconnect from work
    2 / 5 They disconnect from work

    If you’re the sort that likes to check your email just before bed, stop it right now. Researchers in the US have found that if you associate your bedroom with work and use your phone to check emails, it’s harder for you to relax and sleep with ease. Get everything done at work, and you’ll be happier. (Need help in getting better sleep? Read this.)

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  • They plan things in advance
    3 / 5 They plan things in advance

    Writing down what needs to be done for the next day or the week ahead can help prevent unnecessary anxiety and stress. When you’re on top of things, you’ll start to feel a lot better.

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  • They spend time with friends and family
    4 / 5 They spend time with friends and family

    Spending time with friends and family helps put things into perspective. It keeps you aware that relationships matter in life, and that much happiness can be derived from experiences shared with loved ones.

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  • They reflect on the good things
    5 / 5 They reflect on the good things

    Once again, doing so puts things into perspective. You’ll be more grateful for all the positive things in your life, instead of just focussing on the bad stuff.

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