5 Colours That Increase Your Productivity At Work

by Divyata Raut
LIFESTYLE  |  March 12, 2018
  • How do colours affect us?
    1 / 6 How do colours affect us?

    If you spend most of your time in an office, the colours in your environment inevitably affect your mood and consequently, your productivity and behaviour. Switch up your energy by personalising your immediate environment with colourful desk accessories. The idea is that bright colours stimulate while dimmer colours soothe.

    Photo: Pixabay / www.pexels.com 

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  • Blue
    2 / 6 Blue

    Opt for hues of blue if you work in the creative field. Surround yourself with this calming colour and you will find that it helps you generates ideas better. Blue also improves your efficiency and focus as you go about your tasks. A plus point is that this serene shade also promotes well being and happiness!

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    Photo: Stefan Straka / www.pexels.com


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  • Green
    3 / 6 Green

    Turn to Mother Nature if you yearn for some tranquillity amidst your daily office frenzy. Keep a couple of artificial potted plants at your desk to restore your sense of balance and approach your tasks with a clear mind. The lovely hues of green also lift your mood and increase your efficiency by reminding you to keep your cool.

    Photo: Fancycrave / www.pexels.com

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  • Yellow
    4 / 6 Yellow

    Design your desk with yellow accessories as the infectious energy that this positive colour radiates boosts your optimism and creativity. As this vivid hue may be overwhelming to some people at times, selecting items with muted shades of yellow will be more beneficial. 

    Photo: Lukas / www.pexels.com

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  • Red
    5 / 6 Red

    This passionate colour immediately boosts your energy with its fiery nature. Such a bright shade is perfect for people in active jobs as red is an intense colour that conveys physical power and strength. Do proceed with caution if you are designing your environment with this colour as this bright hue may end up distracting instead of empowering you.

    Photo: Jaymantri / www.pexels.com

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  • White
    6 / 6 White

    Although this sterile colour does not energise you to attack your to-do list with gusto, white remains a wonderful colour to increase spaciousness. Working in a bright environment with this neutral colour ensures that you do not face any distractions while working on important tasks that require a lot of focus. 

    Photo: Serpstat / www.pexels.com

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