4 Simple Habits That Make You Look More Professional At Work

LIFESTYLE  |  October 29, 2017
  • No matter what, keep it cool under pressure
    1 / 4 No matter what, keep it cool under pressure

    Got pulled into a meeting at the last minute? Unprepared? Never show that you’re overwhelmed no matter how much of a surprise a meeting or a new task is. Pull yourself together and always put your game face on.

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  • Don’t play the victim card
    2 / 4 Don’t play the victim card

    We’re not asking you to be a pushover and accept it when you’ve been wronged but never play the victim card when complaning to your boss. When speaking to your boss, clarify any misconceptions and stay firm and clear in your stance of what happened. If you’re always playing the victim card, your boss will never be able to trust that you can handle hardships at work.

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    Photo: Tim Gouw/Pexels

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  • Never procrastinate
    3 / 4 Never procrastinate

    This is one of the easiest ways to show you’re professional and can take on just about anything given to you. However, it’s not to say that you should take on work even when you’re overwhelmed. The key here is to be smart with the work given to you.

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  • Keep your desk, desktop and everything else neat and tidy
    4 / 4 Keep your desk, desktop and everything else neat and tidy

    Having a clean and neat desk shows just how organised you are as a person. You might be thinking, what does the neatness of my computer desktop have to do with my professional abilities? The answer is… everything. If you can’t even keen your working space neat and clean, how are people going to trust that you can, in fact, carry out duties tidily? It might seem superficial but impressions count.

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