3 Unexpected Ways to Use Your Oil Cleanser

LIFESTYLE  |  September 09, 2017
  • Make an exfoliating cleanser
    1 / 3 Make an exfoliating cleanser

    This one’s simple. Put fine grains of sugar onto your palms and pump oil cleanser all over it. Proceed to cleanse your face like you usually do. You can also use it as a lip scrub. Your oil cleanser is definitely a lot milder than most store-bought exfoliating scrubs so it won’t dry out your skin or lips as much.

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  • Clean your brushes
    2 / 3 Clean your brushes

    Clear skin starts with clean brushes and sponges. Pump oil cleanser onto your brushes and work the solution through the bristles. It helps to get rid of makeup debris and condition your brushes at the same time.

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  • Moisturise your skin
    3 / 3 Moisturise your skin

    Besides getting rid of makeup, oil cleansers are great for moisturising your skin too. So instead of using it solely to remove makeup, use it whenever your feel like your skin is dry and needs some TLC. Follow up with your usual skincare routine and your skin will look perfect in no time.

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