19 Makeup Products That Will Last All Day For CNY Visiting in Singapore’s Heat

by Claudia Tan
LIFESTYLE  |  February 09, 2018
  • Beat the heat to look flawless this Chinese New Year.
    1 / 20 Beat the heat to look flawless this Chinese New Year.

    As if picking the perfect outfit and dealing with overly inquisitive relatives aren’t daunting enough every Chinese New Year, Singapore’s heat and humidity put you at risk of a beauty meltdown. The last thing you want is to realise there’s mascara running down your cheeks during your visits. Oily T-zones and patchy, chapped lips are a pain too. But fret not, these 19 long-lasting makeup products will save you from becoming a greasy mess this Chinese New Year.

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  • Aprilskin Fixing Tint ($16)
    2 / 20 Aprilskin Fixing Tint ($16)

    It is tough to resist all the Chinese New Year goodies, but making your lipstick stay in place is even more challenging. And all that eating, drinking and talking are of no help. This long-wearing matte lip stain contains a fixing formula that ensures the vibrant colour stays on your lips all day. The three red and peachy shades available are also perfect for Chinese New Year.

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  •  Kanebo Lasting Glow Eyeliner ($48)
    3 / 20 Kanebo Lasting Glow Eyeliner ($48)

    Kanebo’s lasting glow eyeliner is everything you need. Its waterproof formula against sweat and sebum will ensure it lasts through your CNY visits. It also has an ultra-precise brush tip that allows you to perfect any look you want. And who doesn’t love some glitter? The hint of shimmer in the eyeliner will add more depth and definition to your eyes. Available in Navy Black and Cassis Brown.

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  • Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Environmental Defense Makeup Setting Spray ($50)
    4 / 20 Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Environmental Defense Makeup Setting Spray ($50)

    Sometimes the secret to long-lasting makeup is a good setting spray. Not your average setting spray, the All Nighter Pollution Protection does exactly what it says – keep pollutants away from ruining your makeup. A weightless mist, it contains minerals like zinc, magnesium and copper to keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

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  • Make Up Store Waterproof Mascara ($41)
    5 / 20 Make Up Store Waterproof Mascara ($41)

    Racoon, panda, you name it! We’ve all gotten mascara smudged around our eyes at some point in time. But this waterproof, volumising mascara will ensure that sweat and grease will not get in the way of having thick and luscious lashes. Even though it is highly pigmented, it ensures easy application and prevents your lashes from clumping.

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  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour ($12.90)
    6 / 20 Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour ($12.90)

    Make your grand entrance with these striking and bold lip colours that will not go unnoticed. Smudgeproof and waterproof, your lips are well covered for more than half a day. Available in 12 different shades ranging from edgy hues to rose-tinted pinks and nudes, you will be spoilt for choice this Chinese New Year.

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  • YSL Tatouage Couture ($55)
    7 / 20 YSL Tatouage Couture ($55)

    With great colour payoff that sits comfortably on your lips, YSL’s Tatouge Couture would last you all day and night. Its precise applicator allows for easy application according to your lip contours. Don’t give this highly pigmented lippie a miss. With 24 shades, there is bound to be one for you.

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  • K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint ($19.90)
    8 / 20 K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint ($19.90)

    Give your complexion a hint of colour with this long-lasting cheek tint. Formulated with hydrating ingredients, its creamy formula will give you a powdery finish without drying your skin out. With Rose, Apricot and Peach shades, these cheek tints are sure to give you a nice, natural flush.

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  • Heroine Make Colour Gel Eyeliner ($16.90)
    9 / 20 Heroine Make Colour Gel Eyeliner ($16.90)

    Take your eyeliner game up a notch this Chinese New Year with these glittery, coloured eyeliners. The smudge-proof gel-based eyeliner comes with a smooth-gliding tip that will not tug on your eyelids. Available in five different shades.

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  • Laneige Powder Fit Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ ($40)
    10 / 20 Laneige Powder Fit Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ ($40)

    Bid mid-day makeup meltdowns farewell with this lightweight and long-lasting powder cushion. It is formulated with a light and breathable powder that will give you a natural matte finish. It also contains a formula that absorbs sweat and sebum. On top of that, it comes with SPF 50/PA+++ – perfect for when you need to spend the day outdoors visiting. Available in five shades.

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  • Kanebo Refining Primer ($92)
    11 / 20 Kanebo Refining Primer ($92)

    Maintain a natural glow with this primer that contains pearl pigments. This easy-to-blend tinted formula evens out your skin tone and allows your makeup to last longer. It also has a hint of floral fragrance that is bound to keep you feeling fresh all day.

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  • Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette ($78)
    12 / 20 Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette ($78)

    The possibilities are endless with this eyeshadow palette! Layer the shadows in the top row over any other shade and watch them transform into unique colours that will match every single one of your Chinese New Year OOTDs. With nine new and exclusive shades in shimmer and metallic finishes, you can now customise your eye makeup look and stand out from the crowd.

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  • Lunasol Feathery Lash Mascara ($46)
    13 / 20 Lunasol Feathery Lash Mascara ($46)

    While we love our waterproof makeup, they can be a pain when it comes to removal. But this sweat- and- sebum-resistant mascara can easily be removed with warm water. No more clumpy lashes with this formula that effectively separates and curls lashes from the root.

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  • Lunasol Shiny Pencil Eyeliner ($32)
    14 / 20 Lunasol Shiny Pencil Eyeliner ($32)

    With soft red and brown hues, this limited edition pencil eyeliner adds definition to your eyes without being too harsh. These light hues come with a touch of sparkle that will last for hours.

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  • Sulwhalsoo Perfect Cushion EX ($80, inclusive of refill)
    15 / 20 Sulwhalsoo Perfect Cushion EX ($80, inclusive of refill)

    Mask flaws and imperfections with this high-coverage cushion foundation that glides on weightlessly. It contains water instead of oil pigments to hydrate your skin without the grease. This long-lasting formula will make your skin look fresh and supple all day.

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  •   K-Palette 1 Day tattoo lasting eyebrow tint ($23.90)
    16 / 20 K-Palette 1 Day tattoo lasting eyebrow tint ($23.90)

    Having a greasy forehead coupled with the sweltering heat might ruin your brow game. Stay on fleek with K-palette’s latest eyebrow tint that can last you all week. Drawing your brows has never been easier with the brow stencils included. Simply leave the tint on overnight for full and natural-looking brows the next day.

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  • Marimekko for Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer ($35)
    17 / 20 Marimekko for Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer ($35)

    This could be your new holy grail. With a highly pigmented lip colour and smoothing primer formula, applying lipstick is made easier. It glides on effortlessly for a velvety finish and will last you up to eight hours without drying out your lips. What’s more? The casing for each shade is specially designed by Finnish design house, Marimekko, and comes in vibrant and funky patterns. Available in 10 shades.

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  • Make Up Store Marble Microshadow in Romance ($23)
    18 / 20 Make Up Store Marble Microshadow in Romance ($23)

    This rosy and shimmery shade of eyeshadow couldn’t have come at a better time. Inspired by pastel shades of flower petals, it is the perfect choice of colour for Chinese New Year. Made with ultra-fine pigments, this eyeshadow will stay in place all day.

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  • Kanebo Luster Powder Foundation ($138)
    19 / 20 Kanebo Luster Powder Foundation ($138)

    Suffering from a lacklustre complexion? Illuminate your skin with this powder foundation. It contains blue-hued powder to brighten your complexion and porcelain powder to create a soft, natural glow. Choose from seven shades to attain a flawless, lasting finish.

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  •  The Face Shop Flat Velvet & Glossy Lipstick ($16)
    20 / 20 The Face Shop Flat Velvet & Glossy Lipstick ($16)

    Whether you are going for the matte or glowy look, there will be a shade for you with The Face Shop’s flat velvet and glossy lipsticks. Application is made easier with this lipstick that doubles up as a lip liner. Pick from shades of red, orange and pink for Chinese New Year.

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