16 Ways to Save Even More Money in Singapore

LIFESTYLE  |  April 12, 2017
  • Be internet saavy
    1 / 16 Be internet saavy

    Planning for a vacay? Clear your web browser’s cookies and cache and use incognito mode whenever you book flights or hotels. This way, it’ll look as if you’re visiting the sites for the first time and you’re likelier to get better prices. 

    Photo: Dean Drobot / www.123rf.com

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  • Get the best deals on Uber, Grab and taxi rides
    2 / 16 Get the best deals on Uber, Grab and taxi rides

    If you don’t drive, you definitely want to get the best prices on your rides. Join the GrabHitch Singapore Community on Facebook to get the latest updates on Grab, Uber and ComfortDelGro promo codes. Psst, it’s free to join and updated daily!

    If you’d rather look for deals yourself, just open your phone apps to check before booking your ride.

    Photo: Kampee Patisena / www.123rf.com

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  • Earn rewards from taking public transport
    3 / 16 Earn rewards from taking public transport

    Turn your daily MRT or LRT commute into a point-earning game by registering your Ez-link card at travelsmartrewards.lta.gov.sg. These points can be used to win cash rewards (usually $1-2 value for your Ez-link card) over time. There’s also an option to let the site auto-play your points if you can’t keep track of them.  

    Photo: Stanislav Komogorov / www.123rf.com

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  • Look for online promo codes
    4 / 16 Look for online promo codes

    Before making an online purchase or registering for a race, do a quick Google search for promotion or discount codes. For example, if you were waiting to sign up for Shape Run 2017, just search ‘Shape Run 2017 promo code’ or ‘Shape Run 2017 coupon code’ and see what you find. Chances are, the organisers or merchants will have tie-ups with different partners that can offer discounts. 

    Photo: kantver / www.123rf.com

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  • Get cashback
    5 / 16 Get cashback

    Earn cash rebates every time you shop on partner merchant sites by going through Shopback. Shopback is a cash back portal that will help you score discounts and deals on various sites likes Zalora, Foodpanda, Expedia, Asos, Lazada, Taobao and more. 

    To benefit, go to www.shopback.sg and sign up, then click through to the partner sites via the Shopback website. You’ll automatically accumulate the rebates in your Shopback account. The best part? The cash back is valid even on top of existing discounts already offered by the online retailers. 

    Photo: Shopback website

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  • Use Carousell
    6 / 16 Use Carousell

    Besides making money off your unused or pre-loved items via Carousell, you can also score tons of great deals on the app. Not all the listed items are second hand, and some sellers use Carousell as a platform to display their goods. Take some time to browse the listings – you never know what hidden gems you’ll find! 

    Photo: Carousell website

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  • Create a savings account
    7 / 16 Create a savings account

    Channel a portion of your salary into a savings account every month. To make sure you don’t skip doing this, automate the process by creating a standing instruction from your bank. This makes sure you don’t forget or create excuses for yourself.  

    Photo: Wong Yu Liang / www.123rf.com

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  • Don’t overstock
    8 / 16 Don’t overstock

    Buying in bulk might seem like the smartest option when it comes to saving money, but all the excess goes to waste if you can’t finish using your items in time. Only stock up on non-perishables (like toilet paper or cotton pads) and avoid hoarding products with an expiry date. 

    Photo: Yuliia Davydenko / www.123rf.com

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  • Adopt, don’t shop
    9 / 16 Adopt, don’t shop

    If you’re ready to look after a new furkid, check out local adoption shelters like SPCA, Cat Welfare Society or House Rabbit Society Singapore. You’ll be saving money compared to buying from a pet shop, plus saving a life. Just remember that a pet is a long-term commitment! 

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  • Record your spending
    10 / 16 Record your spending

    That horrible feeling when you don’t know where your money has disappeared to is real. Keep track of your spending with an app like Dollarbird or Mint. This allows you to see where you’re channelling your money to so you can decide what you need to cut back on, or what’s non-negotiable. For example, do you really need to spend $6 a day on coffee? Or $3 a day on fruit juice? 

    Photo: Wang Tom / www.123rf.com

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  • Invest in a water bottle
    11 / 16 Invest in a water bottle

    Kudos to you if you’ve had this habit since you were a kid – you’ve probably saved a lot in the process as well. Drinking from your own bottle means you don’t have to order a separate drink when you’re out, or pay for a glass of water (that probably comes straight from the tap anyway). You’ll also save calories on sweetened drinks. (Also Read: 13 Ways To Cut Extra Calories Every Day)

    Photo: youichi4411 / www.123rf.com

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  • Don’t stress shop
    12 / 16 Don’t stress shop

    We know, we know. Browsing your favourite online store or adding one more item to your cart is therapeutic when you’ve had a bad day at work, but do you really need another pair of workout tights? Don’t engage in emotional spending – after all, these ad hoc purchases are not going to make the problem go away. Identify what’s stressing you and deal with it head on. (Also Read: 5 Ways to Reduce Stress & Be Happier at Work)

    Photo: Sirinarth Mekvorawuth / www.123rf.com

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  • Buy house brands
    13 / 16 Buy house brands

    The next time you head to the grocery store, give the house brand items a try. Oftentimes, they’re just as good and come with a cheaper price tag. Start with household items like tissue paper or paper towels – you use these things on an almost daily basis, and can save in the long run by switching to more affordable alternatives. 

    Photo: hxdyl / www.123rf.com

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  • Find out your company benefits
    14 / 16 Find out your company benefits

    Take some time to really find out just what kind of employee benefits you have, and how you can utilise them. Beyond medical and dental coverage, many companies also offer additional perks like subsidised phone plans, miscellaneous travel allowances or free passes to local attractions. 

    Photo: Wang Tom / www.123rf.com

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  • Use your SkillsFuture credits
    15 / 16 Use your SkillsFuture credits

    If you’re Singaporean and above 25, you already have $500 worth of SkillsFuture credits to use. Take this opportunity to further your skills or pick up a new hobby. There are over 16,000 courses to choose from. Here’s a guide to get you started: How to Maximise Your Free $500 SkillsFuture Credits This Year.

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  • Exercise at home
    16 / 16 Exercise at home

    You don’t have to splash money on a gym membership just because you want to keep fit. Here are nine bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere to tone your whole body and fire up your fat burn in minutes. 

    Photo: maridav / www.123rf.com

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