13 Ways to Stay Energised And Inspired at Work

by Alyaa Iman Imran
LIFESTYLE  |  December 11, 2017
  • Turn that frown upside down
    1 / 14 Turn that frown upside down

    Singaporeans are known for being kiasu: Full of stress and emotionless workers. Even though it seems true and it is probably impossible to be happy all day every day, we can manage the different factors to keep your drive burning.

    So, given that over-time is just ‘normal’ time for us and our daily grind is very much a grind, we’ve decided to start working instead on how we stay motivated at work.

    It all boils down to the little things like how your desk looks, or how well you slept the last night. So stay tuned for simple tips and rules that’ll guarantee an amazing work week.

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    A version of this article originally appeared in www.herworldplus.com.

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  • Get a good night’s sleep
    2 / 14 Get a good night’s sleep

    Sleep is essential to make sure you have a productive day with as little hiccups as possible. In Singapore it’s almost impossible to get the full eight hours of sleep, so we just have to make do with six or seven hours.

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    Including a before-sleep routine that helps you wind down works wonders. Try sitting by your dresser and doing your night-time skincare routine while listening to calming sounds or music. My personal favourite is the seaside – the waves calm me down and easily put me to sleep. If reading before bed is your jam, go ahead! Just remember to switch off the lights and ensure the room is completely dark before you call it a night.

    Turning your phone off a good hour before bed is also the advised time allowance to get you off to the land of nod. If you use your phone as your alarm then setting it to flight mode will also be sufficient, just as long as the radiation and screen lights are off, you’ll soon see the difference.

    Or, if your phone has to be on, then why not get an app that tracks your sleep and wakes you up at the best timing?

    Try: Sleep Cycle. The app tracks your sleep pattern through the night and wakes you up in a 30-min frame from the timing you need to be up. So your body isn’t shocked to waking up, but it’s eased.

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  • Wash your face with cold water
    3 / 14 Wash your face with cold water

    Splash your face with cold water in the morning. This will instantly wake you up and refresh your senses.

    Besides that, it also promotes blood circulation in your face – which basically means you’ll look better as you feel better.

    You can also give your face a quick splash through the day whenever you feel like you might just knock off at any moment.

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  • Power walk to work
    4 / 14 Power walk to work

    Sitting in a cab and even standing in a bus is just recipe for falling asleep. Get your heart pumping and walk for at least 15 minutes before your bum hits the desk chair.. As your heart tells your mind to make your body function harder, your body will warm up and your energy levels will slowly build up.

    Take the stairs instead of the lift, but don’t jump right into it. Start slowly – just one flight, then more as the days pass.

    Before you know it, it’ll be part of your routine and besides feeling more energised, you burn the calories too. It’s a win-win ladies!

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  • Clear your mind before stepping into the office
    5 / 14 Clear your mind before stepping into the office

    No doubt, there’s a million things that could go wrong. You burnt your toast, missed your bus and the train just had to breakdown again.

    Work is no space for negativity. Leave all your anger out of the office, no matter what it takes. Even if it means just sitting at the lobby and taking a few deep breaths or having a private pity party in the toilet.

    Having a clear, calm mind before entering the office will mentally prep you for the day. Set your goals for the end of the day straight – then ready your mind for achieving them. This will instantly motivate you to get on with the day.

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  • Have a clean desk
    6 / 14 Have a clean desk

    A clean room is a clean mind. Our mothers always nag us to clean our rooms and honestly we never bothered to or we did it with our utmost hesitation and resistance.

    Well your desk isn’t exactly a room but oh well, it’s the same concept.

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    Surrounding yourself with disorder is recipe for inattentiveness and being distracted (yep, your nagging mothers did it for a reason!). Our surroundings have a deep impact on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

    So using Feng Shui to improve the chi in your workspace is essential – especially since you spend several hours in the office.

    Not only will your productivity boost, but you’ll be happier. By being organised, your mind will be at ease. Hence always be sure to have your stationery, papers and bags tucked in different areas.

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  • Make your desk an inspirational space
    7 / 14 Make your desk an inspirational space

    Once you have a neat desk, decorate it up to motivate you to work harder. Pretty stationery, pretty notebooks – trust us, they work! We’re always scribbling things, and being able to write on books that are aesthetically pleasing gives our eyes less of a sore and improves our mood.

    Having plants are also a good way to keep yourself motivated. The greenery is a good way to rest your eyes after they’ve been glued to the monitor. It also calms you down as you reconnect with nature. Cacti work just as well, especially if you don’t have green fingers. But if all of your past 7 cacti died (totally wasn’t me), just get fake plants.

    Stationery shops to try: Kikki.K, Paper Market, Typo, Zoella Lifestyle.

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  • Have (healthy) snacks on standby
    8 / 14 Have (healthy) snacks on standby

    We’re guilty as charged. Oreos, seaweed and all glorious things that are fried and crispy – they’re our favourite. Snacking itself isn’t good, so while we at least try our best to kick the habit to the side, we’ll opt for healthier snacks.

    Nuts like almonds are good snacks to have on your desk when you need to. They have healthy fats, fibre, lower your blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure (or stress) and can also reduce hunger plus promote weight loss. That’s a lot of plus signs for a little tiny nut.

    Fruits are typical snacks you can go for too. Plums are great for improving your concentration, appetite and help you sleep better. While it works to keep you energised, it also maintains healthy skin. Release the confetti please!

    If you just want some good old H20, go ahead and give your mouth a cold treat by sucking on some ice. Another reason to suck ice instead of chewing it – ice deteriorates your teeth’s strength. Plus, sucking ice will keep things chilly and refreshing for a longer time.

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  • Allow yourself a guilty pleasure every once in awhile
    9 / 14 Allow yourself a guilty pleasure every once in awhile

    Honestly, sometimes you can’t help but have a bad day. So it’s okay to head to the mighty vending machine once in a blue moon.

    Having a comfort snack can boost your mood, which is what we all need every now and then. But eating too much chocolate or biscuits will heighten your sugar levels, which will make you sleepy and take a toll on your health. So do not keep any at your desk because you’ll just end up eating it at your desk every day.

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  • Listen to music
    10 / 14 Listen to music

    Music is known to have myriad effects on our mind. The upbeat rhythms affect your mood by lifting it. For some, the positive lyrics make them grind harder.

    A common misconception is that you need to blast music to feel energised, but listening to it closely through earphones creates an enclosed environment. This will let the music work its magic better, plus you block out any external noises that affect your concentration. Tip: Avoid soppy sad songs at all costs.

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  • Stay hydrated
    11 / 14 Stay hydrated

    Your oxygen levels will increase when you drink water – which in turn boosts your energy levels and keeps your mind sharp. Even though you’d have to make frequent distracting trips to the bathroom, you’re forced to engage and get your body moving, which will boost your energy and rejuvenate your senses.

    Having a face mist to spritz on your face every now and then will also keep you awake and protect your skin from the undesired effects of constant exposure to cold air and lack of sunlight.

    Keeping your eyes hydrated (or moist) will also keep you awake. As you get more and more sleepy, your eyes become drier. So pop some eye drops when they feel dry to feel a little more awake.

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  • Stretch during, and after work
    12 / 14 Stretch during, and after work

    After all those uninterrupted minutes of complete concentration, take a break and stretch. Simple stretches will do. The aim is to release the tension in your back, neck and hands. Wriggle your fingers too! Stretching will not only relieve stress, but it also gives your energy a spritz.

    When you have time after work, stretch and meditate for a calm mind. Having a peaceful mind is key to staying happy and motivated both in and out of the workplace.

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  • Remember to take regular breaks away from your desk
    13 / 14 Remember to take regular breaks away from your desk

    We’re rooted to our swivel chairs all day, so always be sure to take a break away from your screen. Your mind is constantly working, so if you don’t give your mind and eyes a break, you’re en-route to an extra stressful day. Taking a break also relaxes your mind and opens it up to creativity if you have a problem to solve.

    Get up and take a five-minute walk around the office. If it motivates you, set a goal for the number of steps you make each day and remind yourself to take breaks to reach your goal.

    Take a breath of fresh air when you head for lunch and opt for open-air eateries. Being cooped up in an office all day decreases your exposure to fresh air which is bad for your health. Getting the afternoon sun also boosts your energy and mood.

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  • Leave work where it belongs
    14 / 14 Leave work where it belongs

    Often we feel more tired than ever because we bring work home with us. It doesn’t necessarily mean bringing actual paperwork back home. We tend to bring home any emotions from work back home and this causes stress on not only ourselves, but our loved ones as well in the forms of fights and disagreements.

    Always try your best to resolve any negative emotions you have before you leave the workplace. Then, you’ll have more time to yourself to rejuvenate your senses and get you ready for a new day!

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