11 Gadgets That Make Healthy Living Easier

LIFESTYLE  |  November 11, 2016
  • 1. Silicone Toothbrush
    1 / 11 1. Silicone Toothbrush

    This silicone toothbrush offers a new and innovative way of brushing your teeth. Unlike other electric toothbrushes that oscillate with abrasive bristles, the Foreo Issa ($279, Sephora) pulsates with gentle movements, so it still effectively cleans your teeth while being gentle on the gums. The non-porous silicone material is also extremely easy to clean and more resistant to bacteria build-up compared to standard nylon bristles.

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  • 2. Air Purifier
    2 / 11 2. Air Purifier

    Sanitise the air at home with the Novita Puriclean Air Purifier NAP610 ($499, Robinsons). It has an ionizer that diffuses millions of negative ions to eradicate airborne allergens and germs, while its Hepa (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filter stops haze particles from infiltrating your home. The air purifier is also super-silent as it utilises a brushless motor.

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  • 3. Salad Spinner
    3 / 11 3. Salad Spinner

    With the Zyliss Smart Touch Salad Spinner ($68.90, Tott Store), making salads will no longer be a chore. In fact, you might have some fun while you’re at it. Incorporating a fast-action-pump dry technology, it removes dirt and impurities from veggies, and dries them, all with one quick touch. The bowl can also be used to store greens, so you can prepare several servings of salad at one go.

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  • 4. Slow Juicer
    4 / 11 4. Slow Juicer

    Valuable nutrients from fruits and vegetables can be kept intact through slow juicing with the Hurom HA Juicer ($888, major department stores).Your juices will be fresh and oh-so-delicious with this luxe machine. Its juice cap ensures an even mix of ingredients, and its smart design prevents any spillage. It’s also easy to clean and barely makes any noise when in use.

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  • 5. Hair Dryer
    5 / 11 5. Hair Dryer

    Unlike conventional hair dryers, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($599, major department stores) protects your head from heat damage with its intelligent temperature control. Equipped with a smoothing nozzle, it allows you to dry and style your hair at the same time, while its diffuser disperses air around each strand, reducing any frizz.

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  • 6. Facial Toning Device
    6 / 11 6. Facial Toning Device

    Glide the Nuface Trinity Pro Facial Toning Device ($536, Sephora) on your skin like a facial massager to firm, tone and reduce wrinkles. There are interchangeable attachments you can use, depending on your skin’s needs. For best results, it is recommended that you use it for at least five minutes daily five times a week for the first 90 days. Expect to see a younger, more radiant complexion in no time.

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  • 7. Eye Massager
    7 / 11 7. Eye Massager

    Environmental stressors and a stressful lifestyle can take a toll on your delicate eyes. Pamper your peepers with the Osim uVision ($79.90), a gadget that revitalises your eyes with soothing vibration massage. It features strategically positioned magnetic nodes to help improve blood circulation around the sensitive eye area.

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  • 8. Activity Tracker
    8 / 11 8. Activity Tracker

    The Misfit Ray Fitness and Sleep Monitor ($159, Challenger) has everything you’d want in an activity tracker. It has got the basics down pat, like monitoring steps, exercise and sleep. It’s sleek, stylish and water-resistant. It sends you text and call notifications as well as reminds you to get up and walk if you’ve been in a chair for too long. You also don’t have to charge it as it is battery operated.

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  • 9. Skincare-Enhancing Facial Device
    9 / 11 9. Skincare-Enhancing Facial Device

    Get glowing skin with the Philips Visaboost Ultrasound Facial Moisturizer ($269, Sephora), which enhances the efficacy of your lotions, serums and creams. Ultrasound waves break skincare down into tiny molecules, while vibrating motions gently massage your face and boost stimulation to further enhance absorption of the products.

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  • 10. Multi-Functional Training Device
    10 / 11 10. Multi-Functional Training Device

    This personal training device for running does a whole lot. Designed to sit perfectly over your ear, the Sony Smart B-Trainer ($399) plays songs, which it selects based on your heart rate and targeted speed through its music tempo analysis. It also measures distance, calories burned, speed and overall performance.

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  • 11. Digital Skipping Rope
    11 / 11 11. Digital Skipping Rope

    Elevate your workout experience with the Valore 2-in-1 Digital Jump Rope ($59.90, Challenger). This piece of exercise equipment comes with a digital panel, which helps keep track of the number of skips, effective exercise time and calories burned. You can use it as both a cordless jump rope and a traditional one, as it comes with a detachable 3m cable.

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