11 Essentials to Pack For Your Beach Holiday

by Aaron Kok
LIFESTYLE  |  June 15, 2018
  • Here's what every woman needs for a perfect beach getaway
    1 / 12 Here's what every woman needs for a perfect beach getaway

    It’s summer and a beach holiday is probably on the cards for you. Whether you’ve been planning this family vacation to Maldives for months or you’re doing an impromptu getaway to Bali, the travel essentials that a woman needs to have remains unchanged. So to help you prepare for your R&R time by the beach, we’ve compiled a list of essentials every woman needs for a perfect beach vacay.

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  • Swimsuit from H&M ($34.95)
    2 / 12 Swimsuit from H&M ($34.95)

    Forget the fancy bikinis and swimwear that most brands are selling for the summer, because nothing is more reliable than a black one-piece. It’s slimming, fuss-free, and you don’t need to worry about it being too sheer when it gets wet.

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    Available at H&M

    Photo: H&M

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  • Le Specs sunglasses from Net-a-Porter ($68)
    3 / 12 Le Specs sunglasses from Net-a-Porter ($68)

    A pair of oversized sunglasses will hide tired eyes and shield your peepers from the harmful sun rays. Plus, don’t they look super glamorous when worn at the beach?

    Available at Net-a-Porter

    Photo: Net-a-Porter

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  • Jute basket bag from Mango ($59.90)
    4 / 12 Jute basket bag from Mango ($59.90)

    Beach bags are great because they give you plenty of space for your beach towel, your suncare essentials and your other knick-knacks, but often, beach bags aren’t the most stylish. Basket bags, however, are just as roomy, exude an easy boho vibe and are easy to care for.

    Available at Mango

    Photo: Mango

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  • Floppy hat from Bershka ($29.90)
    5 / 12 Floppy hat from Bershka ($29.90)

    A wide-brim floppy hat is good to have, so your face gets an added layer of protection from the sun. Plus, it helps to hide your messy hair in the morning, so you spend less time primping and more time enjoying your getaway.

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    Available at Bershka

    Photo: Bershka

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  • Sandals from Charles & Keith ($46.90)
    6 / 12 Sandals from Charles & Keith ($46.90)

    Sandals are a must for every beach getaway, and we love the nautical stripes and the pretty little bow featured in this design. Wear it with your caftans and a pair of tasselled earrings to head to the beach bar.

    Available at Charles & Keith

    Photo: Charles & Keith

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  • Beach towel from Bimba Y Lola ($50)
    7 / 12 Beach towel from Bimba Y Lola ($50)

    Rather than use the hotel’s beach towel that comes with a questionable stain patch and looks a little worn out, get a chic towel that you can call your own.

    Available at Bimba Y Lola

    Photo: Bimba Y Lola

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  • Jumpsuit from Zara ($59.90)
    8 / 12 Jumpsuit from Zara ($59.90)

    Jumpsuits are our favourite thing to wear to the beach because they eliminate the question of “will this top match these shorts?”, and they can be slipped on or off easily. Get into this comfortable and colourful playsuit for fun times by the pool.

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    Available at Zara

    Photo: Zara

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  • Linen dress from Beyond The Vines ($89.90)
    9 / 12 Linen dress from Beyond The Vines ($89.90)

    You’re probably wondering, “I’m on a beach holiday, why do I need a midi dress?” The reason is simple: you never know where you might end up. Maybe your husband wants to bring you to a fancy cliffside restaurant, or maybe the single ladies reading this might snag a date with a cute Mediterranean guy while holidaying! It never hurts to be prepared, and this linen dress is great because you can wear it right out of the suitcase (linen looks fine with some wrinkles anyway).

    Available at Beyond The Vines

    Photo: Beyond The Vines

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  • Kind To Skin Facial Wipes from Simple ($19.90)
    10 / 12 Kind To Skin Facial Wipes from Simple ($19.90)

    Between the sand, the sweat, the sunscreen and everything else, you just never know what has accrued on your skin. So keep a pack of facial wipes in your bag, because they’ll help you clean off the muck and keep your skin feeling refreshed.

    Available at major personal care stores

    Photo: Simple

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  • Shorts from Topshop ($76.90)
    11 / 12 Shorts from Topshop ($76.90)

    Denim shorts are a must-have on every beach holiday. Make yours a pair of high-waisted shorts so your legs look longer and your waist looks smaller.

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    Available at Topshop

    Photo: Topshop

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  • Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50 from Supergoop! ($28)
    12 / 12 Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50 from Supergoop! ($28)

    Sunscreen is a no-brainer when you’re packing for your trip. We love the sunscreen mousse for its broad spectrum formula that is non-greasy and easy to apply.

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    Available at Supergoop!

    Photo: Supergoop!

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