10 Unexpected Ways to Use Lemons

LIFESTYLE  |  January 16, 2017
  • 1. Prevent foods from turning brown
    1 / 10 1. Prevent foods from turning brown

    Photo: Nataliya Arzamasova/www.123rf.com

    Can’t finish that halved avocado or apple? Simply squeeze some lemon over the exposed area and wrap it in cling wrap before popping in back in the refrigerator. The layer of lemon juice has to evaporate before the food reacts with the oxygen and turns brown. Thus, your food will be kept fresh longer!

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  • 2. Remove food stains
    2 / 10 2. Remove food stains

    Photo: Karuna EM/www.123rf.com

    Uh-oh! You’ve accidentally splattered your pasta sauce on your white blouse. Fret not. Rub some lemon juice and salt onto the stained area before rinsing off. Your blouse will be as good as new!

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  • 3. Soothe your throat
    3 / 10 3. Soothe your throat

    Photo: onefox/www.pixabay.com

    If you’re having a bad throat, squeeze some lemon juice and mix with some honey and hot water. An instant home remedy for a sore throat!

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  • 4. Help digestion
    4 / 10 4. Help digestion

    Photo: Breakingpic/www.pexels.com

    Kick-start your system with a glass of warm lemon water in the morning. The acid from the lemon stimulates your digestion and clears the toxins from your body. Your immune system will be strengthened too, since lemons are rich in vitamin C.

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  • 5. Freshen your fridge
    5 / 10 5. Freshen your fridge

    Photo: Wavebreak Media Ltd/www.123rf.com

    After storing a variety of food in the fridge, soak a cotton ball into some lemon juice and leave it in the fridge for a few hours. This will help to get rid of any unpleasant smells in the refrigerator left by other foods.

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  • 6. Treat dandruff
    6 / 10 6. Treat dandruff

    Photo: Nataliia Prokofyeva/www.123rf.com

    Is your scalp flaking? Massage about two tablespoons of lemon juice into your scalp before washing your hair. The acidity of the lemon juice helps to balance out the pH level of your scalp, keeping dandruff at bay.

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  • 7. Improve skin complexion
    7 / 10 7. Improve skin complexion

    Photo: PaylessImages/www.123rf.com

    Hooray to homemade skincare! Lemons can help to fade dark spots and heal your acne. Just dab some lemon juice on your trouble spots and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing off. Apply daily for best results.

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  • 8. Reduce stretch marks
    8 / 10 8. Reduce stretch marks

    Photo: Robert Przybysz/www.123rf.com

    Forget creams, try using lemons to get rid of stretch marks instead. In a circular motion, rub some lemon juice over your stretch marks. Let it dry before washing it off. Lemons help to brighten the skin and reduce redness, which helps to make the marks less obvious. Do this regularly and your stretch marks should fade off before you know it.

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  • 9. Whiten teeth
    9 / 10 9. Whiten teeth

    Photo: nobilior/www.123rf.com

    Make your smile shine brighter than ever. Mix lemon juice with baking soda to form a paste and apply on your teeth. Wash it off after a minute with water and a toothbrush. Careful not to leave it on for too long, the acidity of the lemon juice can break down your teeth enamel.

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  • 10. Give you highlights
    10 / 10 10. Give you highlights

    Photo: unsplash.com/www.pexels.com

    Get all-natural highlights. Mix lemon juice with some coconut oil and spray it onto your hair before letting it dry in the sun. The reaction between the lemon and sunlight will lighten your hair to give your natural looking highlights. Do it once a day to see faster results. Do note that if you have darker hair, it’ll take a longer time for your hair colour to lighten!

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