10 Makeup Brush Cleansers We Highly Recommend

by Hidayah Idris
LIFESTYLE  |  June 13, 2017
  • Beautyblender Solid Cleanser (28g), $30, Sephora
    1 / 10 Beautyblender Solid Cleanser (28g), $30, Sephora

    Travelling seems like a great excuse to avoid cleaning your makeup brushes, but this solid cleanser takes away the hassle of bringing liquid soap or spray when you go on vacay. All you have to do is wet your Beautyblender, and swirl it around the soap to lather it up. This can be also used to clean brushes – all you’ve got to do is place the grid (which comes with the cleanser) over the block of soap before swirling your brushes.

    Feature image: victor69/123rf.com / Other photos provided by the brands featured.

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  • Brush Cleaner, M.A.C. Cosmetics
    2 / 10 Brush Cleaner, M.A.C. Cosmetics

    A staple favourite, this not only ensures your brushes are super clean, but also conditions your bristles so your brushes can last a longer time.

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  • Practk Palmat, $14, Sephora
    3 / 10 Practk Palmat, $14, Sephora

    Don’t underestimate the size of this cleansing mat. This deep cleansing tool ensures your brushes are thoroughly cleansed. It’s portable, so you can even bring it along for your travels.

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  • Sephora Collection Master Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner, $13
    4 / 10 Sephora Collection Master Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner, $13

    Ain’t nobody got time to deep cleanse your brushes every day, so why not invest in a daily brush cleaner? All you got to do is spritz some on your brushes and wipe with a piece of tissue paper or lint-free cloth to get rid of the bacteria. Leave it to air-dry before your next use.

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  • Inglot Brush Cleaning Liquid, $21, Zalora
    5 / 10 Inglot Brush Cleaning Liquid, $21, Zalora

    Packed with alcohol, this ensure that your brushes reamin bacteria-free without running the bristles. It comes in a handy spray bottle to minimise spillage while dispensing the product.

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  • Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove, $34.30, Zalora
    6 / 10 Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove, $34.30, Zalora

    If you’re looking for an all-in-one brush cleanser, this is it. This deep cleansing tool has two sides: one for eye makeup brushes, and the other for larger brushes. Each side has three areas – rinse, wash and refine – to ensure your brushes don’t lose their shapes after cleansing.

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  • Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap, $25, Sephora
    7 / 10 Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap, $25, Sephora

    Remove makeup buildup and bacteria from your brushes with this easy-to-use cleaning soap. If you’re not into alcohol-based sprays, this makes for a good alternative.

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  • Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser, $36
    8 / 10 Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser, $36

    Another alternative for those who don’t fancy alcohol-based cleansers, this is alcohol-free and is infused with mint essential oil to care for your bristle, whether synthetic or natural. It’s fast-drying, which makes it the perfect go-to cleanser when you’re pressed for time.

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  • Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge, $2
    9 / 10 Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge, $2

    Don’t underestimate its prowess – this cleanser is a local favourite, because of not only its price, but also its effectiveness. It works just as well on brushes as it does on puffs and sponges.

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  • Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, $4.60, Guardian
    10 / 10 Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, $4.60, Guardian

    A baby shampoo makes for a great cleanser for makeup brushes because it effectively gets rid of makeup traces and bacteria sans the harshness. It also has conditioning properties, so it won’t dry out your brushes.

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