10 Hacks to Save Time On Annoying Housework Like Ironing & Cleaning

LIFESTYLE  |  December 05, 2017
  • Simplify your household chores with these tips
    1 / 11 Simplify your household chores with these tips

    Besides ironing, there are many other everyday tasks that steal our time. Think of how much time you spend polishing pots and trying to defrost a steak. The good news is, these chores can be done much faster and easier than you think. Cleaning portal Helpling shares nine super useful hacks that will help you save up to five hours!

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  • 1. Defrost meat
    2 / 11 1. Defrost meat

    Time saved: 2 hours

    How: Hungry like a wolf, but defrosting of the steak takes ages? Not with this trick: Flip a metal pot upside down and place the meat (wrapped in foil!) on it. Afterwards, fill a second pot with water (warm or cold) and put it on top. The metal conducts away the cold, so your steak is completely defrosted after five to 10 minutes – without electricity!

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  • 2. Dry laundry
    3 / 11 2. Dry laundry

    Time saved: 10 minutes

    How: You need your favourite shirt for the evening, but the tumble dryer is not fast enough? No problem! Simply add a dry towel to your damp laundry in the drum. It absorbs the moisture and speeds up the drying process – you save valuable minutes!

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  • 3. Clean the microwave
    4 / 11 3. Clean the microwave

    Time saved: 15 minutes

    How: Day by day, you procrastinate the annoying cleaning of the microwave? Do away with the never-ending scrubbing by simply placing a glass of water and lemon juice in the microwave and let it run on the highest level for five minutes. The liquid evaporates and soaks the stains. Afterwards, use a damp cloth to wipe over the surfaces. Just like that, your microwave looks and smells like new!

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  • 4. Find lost jewellery
    5 / 11 4. Find lost jewellery

    Time saved: 20 minutes

    How: Dropped your ear studs and cannot find them anywhere? Instead of embarking on a tedious treasure hunt, put a fine stocking over your vacuum’s tube and vacuum the floor. It collects lost items, which are then filtered by the stocking.

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  • 5. Clean the mixer
    6 / 11 5. Clean the mixer

    Time saved: 5 minutes

    How: The delicious smoothie made you forget about cleaning the mixer? Instead of scrubbing the dried remains by hand, fill the container with hot water and washing liquid. After about five minutes, close the lid and turn on the mixer at the highest level for 15 seconds. Then you’ll only need to rinse it thoroughly and dry the mixer. Ready for the next smoothie!

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  • 6. Get rid of hand smells
    7 / 11 6. Get rid of hand smells

    Time saved: 10 minutes

    How: No matter how often you wash your hands after cooking, the garlic smell remains. A quick solution: rub your hands on a stainless steel object, such as your kitchen sink or fridge. The chemical reaction frees your hands from the smell. Alternatively, place your hands in a bowl of milk for a few minutes. Besides removing the garlic smell, this trick gives your hands a spa-like feeling!

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  • 7. Clean the barbeque grill
    8 / 11 7. Clean the barbeque grill

    Time saved: 5 hours

    How: Dread the annoying grid cleaning after your relaxing barbeque? Reduce the effort with this trick: cut a potato in half and rub the warm grid with the potato’s flat side. The heat extracts starch from it, which creates a non-stick coating. That way, the meat does not stick to the metal and the subsequent cleaning of the grid works without needing to be soaked for hours.

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  • 8. Iron a shirt
    9 / 11 8. Iron a shirt

    Time saved: 10 minutes

    How: The blouse for your meeting is creased, but you have no time to iron it? Just combine it with your morning routine! Close all windows and position the blouse on a hanger near the shower while taking a shower. The steam works wonders: the fabric becomes wrinkle-free after five to 10 minutes. To smoothen a creased collar, use a hot hair straightener – another perfect substitute for the iron!

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  • 9. Polish pots
    10 / 11 9. Polish pots

    Time saved: 10 minutes

    How: It’s a natural reaction: while you cook, copper oxide forms and covers the bottom of your stainless steel pot. But don’t bother trying to scrub off the brown-black coating – it’s time-consuming and futile. Try this magic remedy instead: ketchup. Its acetic acid directly corrodes the copper oxide. Simply apply a thick layer and let it soak for about 30 minutes while you get busy with something else. Afterwards, just wipe off, rinse, and the pot looks like new!

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  • 10. Clean cushions
    11 / 11 10. Clean cushions

    Time saved: 15 minutes

    How: Bye bye, lint remover. A simple nylon stocking over your hand is enough to free your cushions from dust. The stocking fibres absorb the fluff through the friction. That way, you cut the duration and effort of this unpopular chore by half. Another tip: use cotton socks as gloves to dust your blinds.

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