10 Foods That Could Replace Your Skincare

LIFESTYLE  |  December 21, 2016
  • 1/ Popcorn
    1 / 10 1/ Popcorn

    Good for: Blood circulation, skin density and elasticity.
    Minus all the bad stuff we put on it, popcorn is a nutritional superstar. At a national meeting for the American Chemical Society, popcorn was lauded for being loaded with more fibre and anti-ageing polyphenols gram for gram than most other fruits and vegetables. For a healthier snack, sprinkle herbs and spices instead of calorie-busting caramel or butter.

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  • 2/ Lemons
    2 / 10 2/ Lemons

    Good for: Reducing wrinkles, improving moisturisation and quelling inflammation
    These work so well in many dishes and drinks, and chances are you’ll always have some lying around at home. Not only is their scent a natural mood-lifter, they’re high in vitamin C. A study by Oregon State University in the US claims vitamin C may help reduce UV damage and inflammation, as well as improve wound healing, skin’s firmness and hydration.

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  • 3/ Oysters
    3 / 10 3/ Oysters

    Good for: Treating rough, dry, and blemished skin
    Its zinc content helps boost the benefits of vitamin C while improving pallid, dry, rough and spotty complexions. Bonus: Zinc is good for hair and scalp health too!

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  • 4/ Pumpkin
    4 / 10 4/ Pumpkin

    Good for: Getting a healthy glow
    People usually turn to the sun for a touch of colour, but along with that comes a plethora of skin problems that you’ll probably regret later. A better option: serving yourself some pumpkin. They’re high in carotenoids, which not only counteract some sun damage, but also give you a lovely rosy flush with their naturally reddish colouring. A study published in Evolution and Human Behaviour revealed that people actually found the carotenoid-induced glow more attractive than sunkissed skin.

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  • 5/ Honey
    5 / 10 5/ Honey

    Good for: Treating recurring breakouts
    You could use it as a mask, as many people do, or eat it, which is infinitely more enjoyable. Its antimicrobial properties are great for helping with skin repairs, battling problem spots that keep popping up, and preventing infection.

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  • 6/ Sweet Potato Leaves
    6 / 10 6/ Sweet Potato Leaves

    Good for: General skin health
    Stir-fried sweet potato leaves are delicious, and they’re packed with B vitamins that keep communication between cells robust and lively. Operating at their best, cells are better able to defend themselves, repair damage and flush out accumulated toxins.

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  • 7/ Licorice
    7 / 10 7/ Licorice

    Good for: Strengthening skin
    When exposed to UV rays, your body naturally produces antioxidants that halt some of the ageing damage. According to a report in Experimental Dermatology, an extract from licorice can urge your body to produce more of these antioxidants, giving skin some much needed support.

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  • 8/ Pomegranate
    8 / 10 8/ Pomegranate

    Good for: Rejuvenating skin
    As we age, cells break down and get sluggish. But a recent study found that pomegranate could power up these cells again, provided you have the right gut bacteria to process the active ingredient urolithin A. Not everyone may have the right microbes to trigger the process, but no harm trying to find out.

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  • 9/ Walnuts
    9 / 10 9/ Walnuts

    Good for: Quelling inflammation and improving hydration
    Omega-3 fatty acids in this tasty snack help strengthen cell membranes to reduce irritation while holding in moisture. Eat these regularly for soft, plump and problem-free skin!

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  • 10/ Soya
    10 / 10 10/ Soya

    Good for: Firming skin
    Soya products contain isoflavones, which have been shown to help firm saggy complexions by improving levels of collagen and elastin – fibres that give skin its plump and youthful structure.

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