What Your Food Cravings Say About Your Mood and Health

by Yuen Yi Ying
HEALTH  |  August 28, 2018
  • If you crave water or ice
    1 / 5 If you crave water or ice

    A craving for water could just mean you’re thirsty. However, it could also signal an imbalance in sugar levels, and getting more water may be your body’s way of flushing out excess sugar. If you have additional symptoms such as unexplained weight loss, a constantly dry mouth and tiredness, seek medical advice to make sure it’s not something serious like diabetes. Craving ice? Some researchers think it’s due to an iron deficiency, or you could be tired and craving a perk in energy that comes from chewing ice.

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  • If you crave fatty and fried foods
    2 / 5 If you crave fatty and fried foods

    Stress, sadness, anxiety and boredom could bring on a craving for fatty or fried foods, which are comforting for us. But the truth is, you really don’t need fries. What your body wants is a good dose of essential fatty acids such as omega-3. These healthy fats can be found in foods like avocado, nuts, olive oil and fatty fish, and having these foods instead of fries and chips will help you avoid weight gain. To control your junk food cravings, ask yourself if you’re really hungry, take a walk around or busy yourself with an activity to see if you’re just eating out of boredom.

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  • If you crave fruits and vegetables
    3 / 5 If you crave fruits and vegetables

    Isn’t it nice when the things you crave are actually good for you? You should definitely give in, as it may be your body’s hint that it’s not getting enough essential vitamins or minerals like calcium, iron or magnesium. However, be mindful of your fruit intake as downing too many sweet fruits like grapes, mangos and bananas could affect your sugar levels. Try to mix up your nutrient sources, so your body gets a healthy and balanced amount of what it needs.

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  • If you crave sweet things
    4 / 5 If you crave sweet things

    Hit the pause button before reaching for a candy bar. Drink a glass of water instead. Dehydration often triggers cravings, and this preemptive step could help you avoid some unnecessary calories. A craving for sweet things could also mean your blood sugar levels are on a rollercoaster ride, which could happen if you skip meals, and your body is trying to balance things out by prompting you to scarf down sugary treats. Another reason you’re hankering for candy could be that you’re overly tired and your body needs fuel. Sugar is extremely addictive, so if you need a little sweet hit, go for natural sources like fruit (but again, watch the intake) and avoid the processed stuff.

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  • If you crave salty things
    5 / 5 If you crave salty things

    Like sugar, salt is extremely addictive, and it’s easy to overconsume it especially if you’ve grown accustomed to its taste. A craving for salt could come about right after exercising when you’ve lost sodium through sweating. It could also signal a lack of minerals like iron, calcium or potassium. Instead of automatically grabbing a bag of chips, load up on natural sources of these nutrients, such as sweet potato and broccoli for potassium, almonds and sardines for calcium, and dark leafy greens and legumes for iron.

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