5 Easy Ways to Detox Your Body After the Festive Season

by Peh Yi Wen
HEALTH  |  December 26, 2018
  • Feel brand new and get your healthy glow back with these post-Christmas detox tips.
    1 / 6 Feel brand new and get your healthy glow back with these post-Christmas detox tips.

    As the festive high wanes, it’s time to hit the reset button in the name of health, especially after all the indulgence. If you’re not sure how or where to begin, detoxify your body with these tips shared by Dr Naras Lapsys, nutrition and longevity specialist at The Wellness Clinic.

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  • Eat clean
    2 / 6 Eat clean

    After so many rich meals, a period of clean eating will really make you feel better and on-track once again. Stir-fries with plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables (request low oil) nice lean protein options (lean chicken, seafood and tofu), plenty of salads and steamed vegetables will be good options.

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  • Have a ‘dry’ January
    3 / 6 Have a ‘dry’ January

    Give your liver a rest and consider having a month (or at least a week) free from alcohol. Replace the alcohol with sparkling mineral water and fresh lime or enjoy chilled green or herbal tea.

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  • Eat at home
    4 / 6 Eat at home

    Give the restaurants, cafes and hawker centres a break for a while. Buy plenty of fresh produce and stock the fridge and freezer with nice healthy food. By eating at home, it will be far easier to prepare healthy meals that are not high in fat and added sugar.

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  • Eat smaller meals
    5 / 6 Eat smaller meals

    When you are out with friend and family, it is very easy to overconsume. Make a conscious decision to bring all your meals back down to a more reasonable size. Make sure that you finish a meal feeling just satisfied, not full.

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  • Get outside and walk
    6 / 6 Get outside and walk

    Find some time to clear your head and get out for a few extra brisk walks or head back to the gym once again. The festive season is a busy time and for many people that means exercise grinds down to a halt. Get a good night’s rest, set the alarm and get out the door. You will feel so refreshed!

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