7 Surprising Foods That Can Cause Odours Down There

by Hidayah Idris
HEALTH  |  January 31, 2019
  • Even certain vegetables can affect the smell of your vagina.
    1 / 8 Even certain vegetables can affect the smell of your vagina.

    Singaporeans love to eat, but you should watch what you eat because it’s not only affecting your overall health, but could potentially wreak havoc on your vagina.

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    We’re not talking about just junk food, but also vegetables. Yes, two types of vegetables surprisingly have negative effects on your vagina. Of course, that’s not to say you have to totally cut them out. As with all foods, eat them in moderation. Scroll through the gallery to find out what to cut back on and at least now, you might have found the answer to the vaginal odour you’ve been experiencing the past months.

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  • Coffee
    2 / 8 Coffee

    You might live for your morning kopi, but perhaps that the cause of the strong odour you’ve noticed coming from your vagina. According to Oregon State University, coffee can change your vagina’s odour. Moreover, excessive consumption of coffee can also lead to an increase in yeast bacteria – which could lead to even stronger odours.

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  • Fried foods
    3 / 8 Fried foods

    You’ve heard about how fried foods are bad for your health and body line, but did you know they can also wreak havoc on the pH value of your vagina? Here’s another reason you should avoid fried foods: they are high in both trans and saturated fats, and some studies have suggested that this could lead to a higher risk of having an infection, bacterial vaginosis, which could, in turn, increase your risk of getting an STI such as chlamydia.

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  • Asparagus
    4 / 8 Asparagus

    It’s a known fact that asparagus can affect the smell of your urine but did you know that it could also affect the pH value in your vagina? This is because, like red meat and fish, asparagus is an alkaline food. Consuming too much asparagus can alter the normal pH value of your vagina that, when healthy, should be acidic.

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  • Onion
    5 / 8 Onion

    Like asparagus, onions too, have the potential to affect the odour of your vagina. Dr. Nicole Scott OB/GYN from IU Health explains that onions can change the bacterial flora of your vagina, causing odours.

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  • Cheese
    6 / 8 Cheese

    Cheese contains both yeast and sugar that could disrupt the pH value in your vagina or lead to yeast infections. While eating some dairy is beneficial for vaginal flora, you’ll do your vagina a favour by consuming yogurt or kefir that contains probiotics.

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  • Sugar
    7 / 8 Sugar

    We’d never say no to dessert but too much sugar could be harmful for your vaginal flora. Christine Greves, MD OB/GYN, told Bustle that yeast bacteria require sugar, warmth and moisture to exist, so too much sugar in your vagina could mean an increase in yeast population as well.

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  • Alcohol
    8 / 8 Alcohol

    Indulging in a couple of glasses of wine a week is therapeutic, but don’t go overboard because studies have shown that drinking too much alcohol doesn’t only lead to dry skin, but it also prevents your vagina from being able to produce lubrication. In fact, it doesn’t just affect women. Alcohol consumption leads to dehydration, and hence, a reduction in the amount of liquid in the body. This potentially leads to men experiencing difficulties in getting or maintaining an erection.

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