Six Ways To Be Healthier Without Really Trying

HEALTH  |  November 06, 2016
  • Tip 1: Pick Up Your Knees While Running
    1 / 6 Tip 1: Pick Up Your Knees While Running

    Try a technique athletes call “high knees”, where you lift your knees as you run so that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Doing this for a few minutes at the start of your workouts reportedly improves your running stride and gives each step more energy. Your natural instinct will be to lean back to get your knees higher, but keep your posture upright, and your feet almost parallel to the ground, instead of kicking backwards.
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  • Tip 2: Choose Good Running Tunes
    2 / 6 Tip 2: Choose Good Running Tunes

    Keep up your pace and motivation with an energetic, pumping tune. Most runners clock in about 150 strides per minute, so you want your music to match that. Try songs like ‘Pump It’ by the Black Eyed Peas (153 beats per minute) or ‘Everybody Talks’ by Neon Trees (155 beats per minute), or look up other options on Run Hundred.
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  • Tip 3: Run Faster
    3 / 6 Tip 3: Run Faster

    Picking up your speed gets you through all the rigors of exercise quicker, so you’re maximising all the health benefits within a shorter time frame. What’s not to like? Just be sure to give your body enough time to recover afterwards.
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  • Tip 4: Go Slow to Perfect Your Form
    4 / 6 Tip 4: Go Slow to Perfect Your Form

    There are times when slowness has its benefits. It’s great for making sure you’re holding poses correctly, or going through movements safely and accurately. It’s also good for building strength when you’re carrying out weight-bearing exercises.
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  • Tip 5: Don’t Buy Junk Food and Soda
    5 / 6 Tip 5: Don’t Buy Junk Food and Soda

    Save your money and your figure. If you don’t keep bad snacks and drinks around the house, you just can’t get to them. Simple.
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  • Tip 6: Skip Skim
    6 / 6 Tip 6: Skip Skim

    Low-fat dairy products don’t taste too good, and they aren’t necessarily better for you. A report published in the journal Circulation found that those who went for the unadulterated version were 46 per cent less likely to develop diabetes over a 15-year period. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also reported that those who consumed full fat dairy were less likely to become overweight, possibly due to fact that fats help to promote satiety.
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