Quick, Natural Ways to Stop A Cough

by Yuen Yi Ying
HEALTH  |  June 03, 2019
  • These tips will help you stop that cough ASAP.
    1 / 9 These tips will help you stop that cough ASAP.

    Coughs have a nasty tendency of hanging around. Just when you think you’ve been cured, you may be surprised by a coughing fit that rouses you from sleep. Nix that scratchy, itchy urge to cough with these natural tips.

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  • Have a nice hot shower
    2 / 9 Have a nice hot shower

    A steamy shower is always a welcome relaxant, and the humidity can soothe airways to quell the urge to cough. For extra relief, hang a bundle of eucalyptus leaves above the shower head to infuse the steam with the eucalyptus’ cough-suppressing scent.

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  • Take thyme
    3 / 9 Take thyme

    Making a tea out of thyme is apparently a popular home remedy for coughs in Europe. The herb is even used in Ricola’s cough drops. Thyme supposedly relaxes your throat muscles to prevent coughing fits, and it has anti-inflammatory properties as well to reduce soreness and pain.

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  • Try minty things
    4 / 9 Try minty things

    Use a diffuser to infuse the air with menthol or eucalyptus oils or take in a good whiff of a cup of hot mint tea. The fresh smell is known to clear airways and can also stop those itchy tingles from developing into hacking coughs.


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  • Stay hydrated
    5 / 9 Stay hydrated

    Drinking lots of water helps to soothe your throat and keeps your body working well so you can fight pesky coughs. Water could also help to loosen any mucus so you don’t feel as congested.

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  • Elevate your head at night
    6 / 9 Elevate your head at night

    If you wake up feeling terrible and congested, try sleeping with an extra pillow propped under your head. It’ll help drain away the yucky stuff as you sleep so you wake up feeling more rested and refreshed.

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  • Drink ginger tea
    7 / 9 Drink ginger tea

    Ginger has a warming effect that can be very soothing for your throat. It also has a mild painkiller effect that can be great for calming an irritated throat.

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  • Take warm soups
    8 / 9 Take warm soups

    You may not have much of an appetite when you’re down with a cough. Warm soups will keep you full and keep up your nutrition levels while giving your throat some welcome relief. Go for something light as dairy sometimes causes mucus to get thicker.


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  • Clean the house
    9 / 9 Clean the house

    You may have caught that cough from someone else, or it may be caused by your own home. Cleaning your space regularly will get rid of allergens such as dust and mould that could cause itchiness and give you a scratchy throat.

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