Follow This Water Drinking Schedule For Maximum Health Benefits

by Divyata Raut
HEALTH  |  June 22, 2017
  • Two glasses when you first wake up
    1 / 6 Two glasses when you first wake up

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    It is crucial to supply your body with loads of water as soon as you get out of bed because your body loses water when you exhale water vapour throughout the night. Other water is lost when you sweat during your sleep. This is why it’s important to rehydrate your body and activate your organs for the day ahead. Imagine giving your stomach a cup of dehydrating caffeine after its water ‘fast’. Instead, hydrate your system by downing two glasses of water after waking up as it flushes out toxins to ensure that your skin looks clearer, brighter and fresher.

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  • One glass before and after meals
    2 / 6 One glass before and after meals

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    Water is not only a drink to be consumed when thirsty, but is also an aid for better digestion. When taken before and after meals, it allows for food to be broken down and absorbed into our bodies more efficiently. Apart from keeping constipation a thing of the past, it also fills us up before tucking in, hence reducing the amount calories consumed. Similarly, drink a glass of water after your meal so your food flows through your digestive track smoothly to ensure that the nutrients in your fruits and veggies are being absorbed into your system.

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  • One glass when you feel tired
    3 / 6 One glass when you feel tired

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    Next time you feel groggy, try replenishing yourself with a glass of water. A study from Tufts University discovered that a loss of 1-2 per cent of our body weight as water causes a dip in the performance of our organs. Water will nourish your brain and organs as they are activated and thereby more alert to face the day ahead. Water is truly the most underrated pick-me-up drink ever!

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  • One glass when the hunger pangs hit
    4 / 6 One glass when the hunger pangs hit

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    Our stomachs send us a signal to eat several times a day. Our natural instinct is to reach out for more food and snacks instead of what our bodies might actually want- water. Most of the time, when you start feeling hungry in between meals, save your calories and try drinking a glass of water. You might just be thirsty.

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  • One glass after using the bathroom
    5 / 6 One glass after using the bathroom

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    Just as we lose water during our toilet break, we should resupply it back to our bodies. A heightened exchange of water in our bodies results in a cleaner system as it flushes out all our impurities. And if your urine is of a dark yellow shade, it’s a sign from your body to up your water game. The lesser the impurities, the clearer your skin!

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  • One glass before sleeping
    6 / 6 One glass before sleeping

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    As you provide your body with a glass of water before sleeping, you come to a full circle of hydration at the end of the day, ensuring your body had all the water it needed to function efficiently. This glass of water will hydrate your body later in the night, as it flows to every part of your body making sure you rise feeling well-rested the next morning.

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