6 Desk Plants With Amazing Health Benefits

by Claudia Tan
HEALTH  |  February 13, 2019
  • Spruce up your work area with these health-boosting plants
    1 / 7 Spruce up your work area with these health-boosting plants

    These indoor plants not only serve as adorable desk ornaments, but they also boast a myriad of health benefits. According to a study conducted by the Texas A&M University, keeping potted plants and flowers around you can improve creative performance and problem-solving skills. They can also make your homes or workspaces more inviting to improve moods. Here are six plants that you should seriously consider adding to your desk.

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  • Lavender
    2 / 7 Lavender

    This floral plant comes with a subtle and soothing aroma that’s often found in scented products like creams and candles. The pretty purple florets not only make great desk decors; their fragrance relieves stress and soothes your midday restlessness. As lavender plants require sunlight, it’s best to place them by the window. They also need to be watered regularly. Tip: Placing them in your bedroom can also help you sleep better.

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  • Rosemary
    3 / 7 Rosemary

    This fragrant herb is a kitchen staple, but it does more than provide flavour to your food. According to a study conducted on 150 people by Northumbria University, the ability to recall to do something at a given time was enhanced after being exposed to rosemary scent. It is no wonder this herb has been used since ancient times to improve memory and concentration. It is also a popular remedy for common ailments like headaches.

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  • English Ivy
    4 / 7 English Ivy

    You may have noticed this vine-like plant growing on the side of trees or buildings. But did you know the English Ivy also makes a great indoor plant? This low-maintenance plant is perfect for offices with poor air circulation. It purifies the air by removing airborne mould that may trigger allergies – suitable for those who suffer from asthma or breathing difficulties.

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  • Peace lily
    5 / 7 Peace lily

    The beautiful white blooms of the peace lily plant are sure to jazz up your office desk. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, this plant can remove toxic organic compounds from the surroundings. It is also extremely easy to care for, and can thrive under artificial light.

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  • Jasmine
    6 / 7 Jasmine

    A good night’s rest is key to a productive work day. Sufficient and quality sleep ensures your mind is alert and helps you to be more efficient. The sweet scent of jasmines promotes better sleep quality by soothing your senses, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. The gorgeous flowers are also a great addition to your desk.

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  • Gerbera daisy
    7 / 7 Gerbera daisy

    These brightly coloured blooms are sure to be a mood booster. They are also effective in removing harmful, cancer-causing chemicals like benzene that is found in ink. While most plants release oxygen during the day, gerbera daisies continue to release oxygen all night, helping you breathe and sleep better.

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