7 Quick Ways to Treat A Migraine Without Medicine

by Karen Fong
HEALTH  |  January 02, 2018
  • You can do all these at home
    1 / 8 You can do all these at home

    When it comes to headaches, you can’t get much worse than a migraine. When people talk about how they can’t do anything when they’ve got a migraine, they aren’t lying. Says GP Dr Ginni Mansberg, “You can’t go to work with a true migraine. You’re going to be locked in a dark room thinking your head is about to fall off.” Symptoms can include flashing lights, nausea and vomiting.

    Some people are more prone to this type of headache than others but the most important thing to remember is that many factors can contribute to getting them. Alcohol can be a trigger, just like alcohol, MSG and stress. Here are a few ways to deal with a migraine, should you ever suffer from one.

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  • Lavender oil to calm and reduce stress
    2 / 8 Lavender oil to calm and reduce stress

    For many, just the scent of lavender can be soothing. It’s also a good home remedy for migraines (and headaches in general). You can either inhale it or apply it topically (though you have to check if you’re allergic, and never put medicinal oils directly on your skin — they need to be diluted first). If you’re inhaling the vapours, try a two to four drop ratio to three cups of boiling water.

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  • Change your diet
    3 / 8 Change your diet

    Foods can affect your migraine pain and certain products like dairy, certain fruits like avocado, banana and citrus, plus meats like bacon and hot dogs can be worse triggers. The best thing to do is track what you eat in a diary and gauge from there what you should and shouldn’t eat.

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  • Give yourself a massage
    4 / 8 Give yourself a massage

    To be fair, this might be quite difficult when you are suffering and in pain, but massaging the pressure points on your hands and feet can be helpful. A scalp massage can also relieve the tension and promote circulation.

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  • Drink peppermint tea
    5 / 8 Drink peppermint tea

    Because of its cooling properties, peppermint is known to open up the sinuses which can help you breathe more clearly and calmly. This can increase oxygen to the bloodstream which can then can help alleviate the tension in a migraine.

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  • Lights out
    6 / 8 Lights out

    When you have a migraine, you usually become more sensitive to light and sound. It’s best to dim the lights, and relax in a quiet room. Sleep is the best but if you can’t get there just make sure it’s dark and peaceful enough for you to rest.

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  • Go hot and cold
    7 / 8 Go hot and cold

    Applying hot or cold compresses or towels to your neck or head can help soothe and relax a migraine. Obviously each has a different function. A cold compress numbs the pain so that you can’t feel it anymore, but a hot one (or a shower or a bath) can relax tense muscles, which also helps in the long run.

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  • Have a coffee or a coke
    8 / 8 Have a coffee or a coke

    Caffeine can help relieve migraines in small doses, particularly in the early stages because it has the same pain-reducing effects as over-the-counter pain meds.

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