6 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Joints As You Age

by Divyata Raut
HEALTH  |  March 30, 2018
  • Ensure your BMI is in the healthy range
    1 / 6 Ensure your BMI is in the healthy range

    Our joints are cushioned with a tissue called cartilage. That cartilage is prone to wear and tear throughout the years. This is why extra weight puts pressure on your joints. Maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index will ensure that there isn’t any unnecessary stress on your cartilage. Extra kilos increase the force on your knee with each step. 

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  • Maintain an active lifestyle
    2 / 6 Maintain an active lifestyle

    Stretching daily is a great way to keep your muscles strong and healthy. A sedentary lifestyle will eventually lead to stiff and painful joints. Working out regularly ensures that your heart is pumping enough blood to the ligaments around our joints. 

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  • Eat anti-inflammatory foods
    3 / 6 Eat anti-inflammatory foods

    Lower your chances of having that dreadful joint ache by incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods in your diet. Food items like turmeric, ginger, berries and spinach reduce the inflammation in your body. Inflammation could cause joint swelling that will lead to pain. 

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  • Reduce your intake of sodium
    4 / 6 Reduce your intake of sodium

    Your daily average intake of sodium should be no higher than the recommended 5000mg of sodium. That is because too much sodium in our system weakens our bones as it causes calcium loss. Keep your bones strong and be aware of how much gravy or sauce you eat with your meals.

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  • Massage your joints
    5 / 6 Massage your joints

    Increase the blood flow to your muscles by having regular massages. Using a body oil to gently knead the skin around your joints gently is not only relaxing but will loosen up your muscles to reduce the stiffness that usually leads to joint pain.  

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  • Eat more healthy fat
    6 / 6 Eat more healthy fat

    Healthy fat found in fish, avocado and nuts are beneficial as their consumption supplies your body with good fatty acids that reduce the swelling in your joints. Keeping your muscles well nourished is as easy as enjoying a healthy avocado smoothie!

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