5 Ways to Beat a Cold

HEALTH  |  November 24, 2016
  • Load Up On Vitamin D
    1 / 5 Load Up On Vitamin D

    If you have low levels of vitamin D in your system (10ng/ml of blood), you could be more 40 per cent more prone to respiratory infection than those whose vitamin D count reads 30 or higher. While the US study stresses that more tests need to be done before vitamin D can be recommended as a supplement to ward off colds, you could try it out yourself by having more fatty fish, egg yolks and sunlight!
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  • Assess Your Fever
    2 / 5 Assess Your Fever

    Often, when you’re down with flu, you might also run a fever. It’s not all bad news though, a US studyfound that infection-fighting cells might work better with slightly elevated body temperatures. While that’s not to say you should just let yourself burn up (which is dangerous!), a short, mild fever, while uncomfortable, may be just what you need to recover faster.

    Image: PublicDomainePictures/Pixabay

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  • Quit Your Diet
    3 / 5 Quit Your Diet

    If you’re sick, cutting your food doesn’t just make you feel miserable, it could make you stay ill for longer. Not only are you getting less vitamins and minerals, your body isn’t primed to produce the flu-fighting cells needed to shake off your symptoms. How about a compromise? Eat more healthy fruits and vegetables, and when you’re better, maybe your improved eating habits will continue.
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    Image: Einladung_zum_Essen/Pixabay

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  • Enjoy the Humidity
    4 / 5 Enjoy the Humidity

    We never thought we’d say this, but, there may be upsides to Singapore’s high levels of humidity. A report in PLOS ONE revealed that flu viruses tended to be less infectious when the amount of water in the air went up – at 23 per cent humidity, 70-77 per cent of viruses were still contagious, while at 43 per cent, just 14 per cent stayed active. Singapore’s humidity range often reads above 75 per cent, so… perhaps we’ll be lucky and miss the flu season? If you’re heading to cooler climes, perhaps toting a portable humidifier for the hotel room might not be a bad idea.
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    Image: markusspiske/Pixabay

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  • Try These Pickles
    5 / 5 Try These Pickles

    The Japanese are very fond of a turnip pickle called Suguki. Enthusiasts claim the lactobacillus brevis it contains bumps up immunity, and laboratory tests show they might be right. In a piece published in Letters in Applied Microbiology, Japanese researchers found that mice given the tangy food did seem more resistant against the effects of the flu virus, though how it works needs to be explored further.

    Image: Lauryann/Pixabay

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