5 Health Myths That Are Actually True

by Pinky Chng
HEALTH  |  July 19, 2017
  • Weather can affect pain
    1 / 5 Weather can affect pain

    It looks like it’s about to rain. You can feel it in your bones, quite literally. And it’s true – when it’s cold and gloomy out, the changes in barometric pressure may cause some people, particularly those suffering from arthritis, to feel greater pain in their joints. In fact, it’s not atypical for joint pain to start even before the first raindrops fall.

    While it’s tempting to hibernate in the cold weather, stay active – even walking around while watching TV helps – as inactivity can accentuate the aching.

    Photo: Wavebreak Media Ltd /123rf.com

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  • Eating sugar before bed gives you nightmares
    2 / 5 Eating sugar before bed gives you nightmares

    Your mum didn’t lie just to rob you of your last piece of chocolate before bedtime. The extra sugar boosts your metabolism, which leads to more brain activity even in your sleep.

    A study published in the Journal of The Mind and Body revealed that unhealthy, sugar-laden foods like ice cream and candy in particular induce brain waves that can cause nightmares or bizarre dreams. It also reported a correlation between going to bed on a full stomach, whatever you ate, and nightmares.

    Photo: Alexas_Fotos/Pixabay


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  • Eat the crust of your bread
    3 / 5 Eat the crust of your bread

    Leave the crust on your PB&J sandwich – it’s actually where all the good stuff is. A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry claims that bread crust is an antioxidant powerhouse, containing as much as eight times more antioxidants than the bread itself.

    Tip: Toasting your bread? Avoid over-browning it, as it depletes the beneficial nutrients in the dough.

    Photo: Meditations/Pixabay

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  • You can get addicted to medicine
    4 / 5 You can get addicted to medicine

    We say “addicted” loosely here – while you most probably won’t be craving for pills, you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you stop a drug abruptly after taking it for a few days.

    In 2010, the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the US reported that an estimated 2.4 million people aged 12 or older met the criteria for abuse or dependence on prescription drugs, including ones as common as pain relievers to others like benzodiazepines to treat sleep disorders.

    Photo: stevepb/Pixabay

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  • Chicken soup for the soul
    5 / 5 Chicken soup for the soul

    Or, for the common cold. Chicken soup is power-packed with benefits – for starters, it increases your hydration levels, and the hot broth also has anti-inflammatory properties to help ease your flu symptoms. Add all the other common, nutritional ingredients like carrots, and it’ll make for a good choice when you’re feeling under the weather.

    Plus, don’t underestimate the power of placebo. If you were tucked in as a sick child with a bowl of hearty chicken soup, the positive association won’t cure your cold completely, but it’ll certainly help you feel a whole lot better.

    Photo: cegoh/Pixabay

    A version of this story first appeared in The Finder.

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