5 Best Sex Positions For Couples

HEALTH  |  July 27, 2017
  • The Gentle Pull
    1 / 5 The Gentle Pull

    You kneel over his lap facing his feet. Grind, rub, and thrust as you please. When it seems like he’s about to orgasm, tug gently on his balls, pulling them away from his body gently.

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  • Mission(ary) Impossible
    2 / 5 Mission(ary) Impossible

    This is perfect if you crave a traditional missionary experience but still want to keep things exciting. Rest your legs on your husband’s shoulders while he grinds on top of you and if he’s finishing too quickly, try using a numbing lube.

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  • Rocker Knocker
    3 / 5 Rocker Knocker

    Lie on your sides facing each other. Wrap your upper leg and arm around your partner and rock him back and forth. This makes the stimulation during sex a little less intense for him.

    Photo: Katarzyna Białasiewicz/123rf.com

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  • The Spoons
    4 / 5 The Spoons

    You’re the inner spoon, he’s the outer. Open your legs wide and wrap your top leg back around his legs (or butt, if you’re flexible!) to pull him closer. Try shallow thrusts instead of full on banging to keep him going.

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  • Flip The Switch
    5 / 5 Flip The Switch

    Switching positions works a reset button so your husband doesn’t arrive sooner that he’s supposed to during sex. A good way to transition is to start on all-fours with your knees spread wide. When he feels himself getting close, he sits back on his heels, pulling you down by your hips onto his lap.

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