5 Benefits Of Getting Your Period to Be Thankful For

by Letty Seah
HEALTH  |  January 15, 2018
  • Relax and go with the flow
    1 / 6 Relax and go with the flow

    Periods are a regular part of life for most women. While getting your period is certainly not a walk in the park with the unbearable cramps and uncomfortable tampons or sanitary pads, it is actually plays a crucial and beneficial part of a woman’s physical, mental and emotional health. Here are five lesser-known reasons why good old Aunt Flo is one monthly visitor you should always welcome with open arms.

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  • Ward off diseases
    2 / 6 Ward off diseases

    Studies from the Centre of Ovulation and Menstrual Research have found that going through menstruation every month, along with regular ovulation, is essential for the prevention of osteoporosis, breast cancer and heart disease. The aforementioned diseases also happen to be some of the biggest killers of women.

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  • Detox your body
    3 / 6 Detox your body

    When you get your period, your body releases toxins and bacteria from your reproductive system as well as excess iron in your body that in turn lowers the risk of cardiovascular disorders and diseases.

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  • Improve your sex life
    4 / 6 Improve your sex life

    According to gynaecologist, Dr. Rebecca Booth, author of “The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle at Any Age”, as your new cycle begins, testosterone levels increases and this enhances your libido and allows you to reach sexual peak quicker.

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  • Feel less bloated
    5 / 6 Feel less bloated

    A day or two after getting your period, you might notice that you feel less bloated. Dr. Booth attributes this to the fall in progesterone levels in the body. The period is usually followed by a drop in progesterone which is a hormone that causes water retention and slows down the metabolism process. This also explains why women tend to lose water weight and metabolise carbs better around this time.

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  • Slow down aging effects
    6 / 6 Slow down aging effects

    Some health experts like Dr. Thomas Perls, a leading longevity expert, believe that women age slower as compared to men because menstruation leads to a loss of iron in the body, and excess iron actually feeds disease-causing free radicals.

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