3 Good Reasons to Skip Your Workout Today

HEALTH  |  December 08, 2016
  • Skip your workout if you’re feeling angry
    1 / 3 Skip your workout if you’re feeling angry

    It’s tempting to let off steam at boxing class or hit the trails to run off your frustration, but doing so could lead to a heart attack. Surveying over 12,400 heart attack patients across 52 countries, experts at McMaster University in Canada revealed that rigorous physical activity is a trigger, but more worryingly, the risk seems to triple for those who said they felt angry or upset while exerting themselves. Lead author Dr. Andrew Smyth believes it’s because both physical and emotional stresses tend to have similar effects on the body, explaining that “both can raise blood pressure and heart rate, changing the flow of blood through blood vessels and reducing blood supply to the heart.” How about a relaxing bubble bath instead?
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  • Skip your workout if you’re regularly exercising for long hours
    2 / 3 Skip your workout if you’re regularly exercising for long hours

    Low and moderate levels of exercise have been proven to have numerous widely-known benefits. However, if you’re constantly going for high impact workouts or runs that last for hours, beware. According to the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, evidence is mounting to show that constantly subjecting your heart to intense exercises could predispose it to abnormalities such as structural scarring and irregular heartbeats. Researchers at Monash University in Australia also discovered that extended workout sessions over four hours long could also cause endotoxins from your gut to leak into your bloodstream, causing an inflammatory reaction akin to a serious infection. The experts found that athletes who trained constantly managed to build up immunity against the adverse effects. However, those who were most  at risk were people who binge exercise – especially before a race or competition – and the side effects could be serious enough to be fatal!
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  • Skip your workout if you’re sick
    3 / 3 Skip your workout if you’re sick

    If you’re feeling ill and wretched, kudos to you for even thinking of exercising, but you should really give yourself a break. Not only would you be spreading your germs at the gym, your body needs more energy to fight off sickness, shares Dr. Keith Veselik, director of primary care at Loyola University Health System in the US. “Having to slow down when you’re sick is Mother Nature’s way of saying don’t push it and it’s reasonable to pay attention to that,” he explains. In particular, avoid working out if you have symptoms including fever, breathlessness, aches, vomiting, lightheadedness or loose stools. Once you feel better, it’s advisable to ease into your routine instead of going doubly hard make up for lost time.

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