Tried And Tasted: Singapore’s Best 8 Pineapple Tarts For Chinese New Year 2018

by Amy Van
FOOD  |  February 14, 2018
  • Antoinette
    1 / 8 Antoinette

    The pastry of this open tart is buttery, and the jam is moist, tangy and sweet – almost homemade. This probably has the sweetest filling of the lot and seems to be the most authentic. It reminds us of what we used to eat when we were young. It smells the best (although it smells more buttery than it tastes) and the spices help to offset any cloying sweetness.

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  • Crystal Jade
    2 / 8 Crystal Jade

    These Bo Lo Pineapple Tarts are different from the usual tarts that we are familiar with. The golden caramelised topping adds an unexpected crispiness. It’s unique in a good way. However the glazed sugar on the top may be too sweet for some. The jam doesn’t really stand out but overall the sweetness of the crust on the top balances the overall tart.

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  • Caffe Pralet
    3 / 8 Caffe Pralet

    These open tarts have a classic golden crispy pastry, that’s crisp and not too crumbly. The pastry has a slight doughy taste and would have been better if it’s more buttery. The pineapple jam is not overly sweet and has a welcome tanginess. Overall it’s well balanced as it’s not too tart or sweet.

    17 Eng Hoon Street, #01-04 Eng Hoon Mansions. Tel: 6223-5595

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  • HarriAnns
    4 / 8 HarriAnns

    This is one of our favourites. The open tart’s pastry is not too crumbly yet has a nice crispiness. The tartness of the pineapple is just perfectly balanced with the sweetness. Overall the jam balances well with the subtle buttery flavour. The tarts also come in pretty pink tingkat/ tiffin carrier with Nonya motifs (along with two other types of cookies/snacks).

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  • Old Seng Choong
    5 / 8 Old Seng Choong

    Individually packed pineapple shaped pastries come in two flavours: orange peel and Nonya which has a hint of spicy chilli. The pastry is crumbly and very buttery. The orange peel version has bits of peel that offsets the sweetness of the pineapple jam. The Nonya tarts may not be for everybody, but the spiciness mellows down to a sweet aftertaste. This can actually be quite addictive.

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  • Pine Garden
    6 / 8 Pine Garden

    Old school bakery The Pine Garden has rolled out its unique yuzu flavoured pineapple pillows for this festive season. The pastry is very crumbly and the moist jam generous. The yuzu flavour may not be for everybody as it clashes with the pineapple. But if you prefer the original flavour, Pine Garden also offers crumbly open tarts, generously topped with pineapple jam.

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  • Simple Indulgence
    7 / 8 Simple Indulgence

    These gluten-free fresh salted egg yolk pineapple tarts are individually placed in paper cup holders. The very crumbly pastry has a hint of saltiness from the egg yolk. For some, the salted egg yolk may overpower the tangy sweet pineapple jam. But if you are a big fan of salted egg yolk, you will like this. The jam taste natural and has a welcome bite.

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  • Ollella
    8 / 8 Ollella

    These pineapple pillows taste traditional with a touch of spices in both the pastry and filling. The cinnamon taste can be too strong for some however. The jam is very sweet and tangy but has good consistency. The pastry is flaky but could be more buttery.

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