4 Smart Ways To Use Fruit & Vegetable Peels in Cooking

by Divyata Raut
FOOD  |  May 11, 2018
  • Cut the waste, and up the taste of your dishes
    1 / 5 Cut the waste, and up the taste of your dishes

    It’s common practice to discard your fruit and vegetable peels into the bin while cooking. Removing peels might be a personal preference, or a measure taken to avoid harmful pesticides that are sprayed on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

    But what if you explored the various ways these leftovers could enhance the taste of your dishes? Read on to find out how to make full use of your produce and discover efficient ways to enjoy fruit and vegetable peels. Avoid the peels of avocados, melons, pineapples, mangoes and onions as they are considered inedible.

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  • 1. Lemon or orange zest
    2 / 5 1. Lemon or orange zest

    Lemon and orange peels have a slightly bitter and tangy taste that can add a powerful punch of vitamin C to your bakes, drinks and even salads. These peels also add a robust flavour that awakens your palate with their invigorating and refreshing taste. All you need is a food grater to shave a tiny portion of the citrusy peel into a cup. This powder-like zest can be sprinkled in homemade teas, drinks and even salads as it adds a great dose of flavour and health benefits to your dishes.

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  • 2. Healthy vegetable peel crisps
    3 / 5 2. Healthy vegetable peel crisps

    Stop peeling your potatoes as potato skins are a great source of fibre and important nutrients. If you find the skin bland and soggy, you can enjoy it as baked potato crisps instead. Once you have dried some thoroughly-washed potato peels, toss them with seasoning like salt, pepper, garlic powder and red chilli powder. Drizzle some olive oil over them and bake them in a pre-heated oven for about 15 minutes. These sumptuous crisps taste just as amazing as potato chips, with a whole load of fibre. You can do the same with carrot peels as well.

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  • 3. Cucumber peel sandwich spread
    4 / 5 3. Cucumber peel sandwich spread

    If you like your cucumbers peeled, set the peels aside for this quick and easy sandwich spread. Cucumber peels have a refreshing and juicy flavour that gives your sandwich a light and delectable taste. Mince up the green strips to form a thin paste, and fold it into some cream cheese for a delectable sandwich spread. Season this concoction with salt and pepper. This mint green sandwich spread spreads like a dream on breads and undoubtedly adds loads of flavour to your sandwich, at the cost of virtually no calories!

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  • 4. Apple or pear peel tea
    5 / 5 4. Apple or pear peel tea

    If you ever have to peel an apple or pear, do not discard the peel just yet! Lower these fruit peels in a pot of warm water, along with a pinch of cinnamon powder, and a few tea leaves. All these ingredients will release their piquant flavour into the water which can later be enjoyed as an uplifting fruit tea. This aromatic beverage transforms the crisp and juicy flavour of the apple into a warm and spicy cup of tea that reminds you of cosy, warm nights.

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