5 Reasons To Have Quinoa Instead Of Brown Rice

by Divyata Raut
FOOD  |  July 11, 2018
  • These health benefits of quinoa will convince you to make the switch
    1 / 6 These health benefits of quinoa will convince you to make the switch

    The brown rice has long reigned as the ideal carbohydrate for a healthy diet. Quinoa, another healthy carbohydrate, boasts an impressive protein-to-carb ratio that closely rivals its nutritious counterpart, brown rice. With white, red and black variations, quinoa provides amazing benefits that will nudge you to make the switch. Plus, quinoa can easily be incorporated into healthy desserts as well.

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  • Quinoa is high in protein
    2 / 6 Quinoa is high in protein

    Quinoa is classified as a complete protein as it contains all of the essential amino acids. This extremely nutritious carbohydrate has gained so much popularity because it nourishes us with loads of protein — almost 11g more than brown rice, in every 100g serving. Because protein is a metabolism-boosting food, our bodies burn more calories digesting a cup of quinoa than a plate of rice.

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  • Quinoa has a low glycaemic index
    3 / 6 Quinoa has a low glycaemic index

    Although brown rice has a lower glycaemic index (68) than white rice (73), quinoa (51) boasts an even lower glycaemic index that helps you avoid the post-lunch slump. Eating foods that are low on the glycaemic index ensures that sugar is steadily released into our bloodstream. This keeps energy levels stable throughout the day. No afternoon food coma, no mindless munching on snacks.

    *Glycaemic index figures are from Harvard Medical School.

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  • Quinoa is gluten-free
    4 / 6 Quinoa is gluten-free

    Quinoa is free of gluten, something that is found in wheat. If you find wheat hard to digest, you may feel bloated after having a sandwich or plate of pasta. Although rice is also gluten-free, quinoa is much more versatile, meaning you can easily replace the wheat in pancakes, pasta or cookies with finely milled quinoa flour.

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  • Quinoa provides important nutrients
    5 / 6 Quinoa provides important nutrients

    Quinoa ticks off many health benefits as a single serving of quinoa supplements your body with nutrients like magnesium, folate, copper, iron and potassium. To gain more nutritional value from your meals, replace brown rice with quinoa and you’ll easily hit the daily recommended amount of these healthy minerals that are necessary for your body to function properly.

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  • Quinoa is high in fibre
    6 / 6 Quinoa is high in fibre

    These grain-sized seeds deliver loads of fibre to your gut, which allows you to feel fuller for longer. Instead of having rice every day, bring boiled quinoa to work for an increased fibre intake. Pair it with fish soup, or mixed vegetable sides during lunch. This simple switch provides your gut with an additional 1g of fibre (in a 100g serving) that goes a long way in ensuring that you stay satiated.

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