5 Ways to Make Your Morning Coffee Healthier

by Peh Yi Wen
FOOD  |  March 20, 2019
  • Your daily dose of coffee can be a healthy start to your day – when enjoyed the right way
    1 / 6 Your daily dose of coffee can be a healthy start to your day – when enjoyed the right way

    Many of us can’t start our mornings without a kick of caffeine. When consumed in moderation – no more than three cups a day, coffee has its proven benefits. Research has found it to be good for your heart, liver and memory. However, how you take your coffee matters as well. Keep your cuppa joe in check to ensure it’s not doing you or your waistline more harm than good.

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  • Pair your coffee with a healthy fat
    2 / 6 Pair your coffee with a healthy fat

    Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can cause indigestion, heartburn and even serious damage to your stomach lining in the long run. Accompany your cuppa joe with a slice of whole grain toast with smashed avocado or peanut butter – the healthy fats from these toppings will help to slow the process of caffeine spiking your blood sugar levels.

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  • Stick to black coffee
    3 / 6 Stick to black coffee

    Black coffee offers a quicker boost of energy and mental clarity as there is no milk to dull down its caffeine effects. If you’re aiming to lose weight, switching to black coffee will help you cut back on calories without the added sugar and milk. A cup of black coffee brewed from ground beans contains just 2 calories, while a latte contains approximately 67 calories.

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  • Add almond milk
    4 / 6 Add almond milk

    If you absolutely must have a splash of milk in your coffee, choose almond milk. This low-calorie alternative to cow’s milk may contain lesser protein, but it is naturally rich in vitamin E, which helps to improve mental performance and prevent cancer and heart disease.

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  • Add cocoa or cinnamon
    5 / 6 Add cocoa or cinnamon

    A great way to introduce some flavour to your coffee sans the extra sugar or calories is to sprinkle some unsweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon powder instead. Besides the wave of antioxidants they bring, the fat-burning spice will fire up your metabolism and aid your weight loss goals.

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  • Take your coffee hot
    6 / 6 Take your coffee hot

    You may have heard that cold brew coffee is better for your teeth and your stomach with its lower acidity levels. However, new research suggests that’s not the case. According to Science Daily, a 2018 study by Thomas Jefferson University found the pH levels of hot brew and cold brew coffee to be similar, ranging from 4.85 to 5.13 on the pH scale – not much of a significant difference. What they discovered was that hot coffee contained a higher level of antioxidants than cold coffee.

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