10 Great Places for Dim Sum in Singapore

by Sim Ee Waun
FOOD  |  July 20, 2018
  • Jiang Nan Chun
    1 / 10 Jiang Nan Chun

    190 Orchard Blvd. Tel: 6831 7220

    Luxurious Jiang Nan Chun at the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is the ultimate tai-tai lunch venue, with a reputation for great dim sum even if it’s a bit of a splurge. With new Chinese Executive Chef Tim Lam at the helm, new dim sum dishes have been rolled out, like steamed pork dumpling topped with a baby abalone ($9 each) which has been braised for hours, crispy silky turnip with dried shrimp and ham ($3 each) wrapped in crisp pastry. Other must-have’s are its wok fried turnip cake with XO sauce ($12) and Cantonese sponge cake ($6). While you’re there, ask for a side dish of their XO sauce too – it’s excellent.

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  • Jade Restaurant
    2 / 10 Jade Restaurant

    1 Fullerton Square. Tel: 6877 8188

    If you’re tasked to impress corporate clients or placate a fussy mother-in-law, head to the ever-reliable Jade Restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel, where Masterchef Leong Chee Yeng’s elegant, contemporary dim sum is bound to impress. It’s more about artistry than quantity. The recently launched weekend dim sum set menus (from $68 per person) starts with eight pieces of dim sum, including steamed abalone siew mai, osmanthus char siew bun, deep-fried taro with mushrooms and truffles, followed by more substantial dishes like the excellent wok-fried rice flour rolls with scallop in XO sauce and double-boiled fish maw. A six-course weekday dim sum set lunch ($58) is also available.

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  • Mitzo
    3 / 10 Mitzo

    Grand Park, Level 4. Tel: 6603 8855

    Similarly, this modern Chinese restaurant at Grand Park City Singapore serves up beautifully presented dim sum with a playful touch. Tuck into their three or four-course weekday dim sum set-lunches (starting from $28) featuring over 10 types of dim sum, a soup of the day, noodles or porridge and dessert. Or, celebrate Ladies Night every Thursday where just about $75 per person gets you endless booze (think wine, cocktails, beers and spirits) to complement a selection of free-flow dim sum, such as black pepper shrimp pork roll, crispy duck roll and crystal prawn dumplings.

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  • VLV
    4 / 10 VLV

    3A River Valley Road, #01-02. Tel: 6661 0197

    Chinese heritage meets luxe karaoke at VLV’s sprawling Chinese restaurant headed by Masterchef Martin Foo. Set in a lovely Chinese courtyard house, its décor is unabashedly extravagant. Ensconced amid fur and crystals, tuck into modern Chinese dim sum, like chilli crab bun, comprising of deshelled chilli crab on an open-faced dumpling. Munch on fish dumpling wrapped in squid ink skin, or savour a crisp kurabuta pork dumpling. Weekend dim sum brunch (starting from $58) is a lavish affair that includes 10 love stations serving up dishes like pan-fried oyster with egg, Peking duck, congee a la minute.

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  • Man Fu Yuan
    5 / 10 Man Fu Yuan

    80 Middle Rd. Tel: 6825 1008

    At Intercontinental Singapore, Man Fu Yuan’s dim sum, along with general Chinese fare, serves up amazing comfort food. After a long absence, its wok fried radish cake with XO sauce ($18) is back on the menu, along with other creative dim sum varieties. Sink your teeth into the green har gau ($7) topped with gold leaf before indulging in a mushroom bun with cabbage and shrimp ($6) and a rice roll with shredded chicken, egg and lao gan ma chilli sauce ($10). End on a sweet note with their yummy deep-fried purple sweet potato custard ball ($7).

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  • Dim Sum Inc
    6 / 10 Dim Sum Inc

    31 Pagoda Street. Tel: 62240805

    If you have restless kids in tow, head to Dim Sum Inc. on Pagoda Street for affordable dim sum that will appeal to the little ones with their colourful and cheerful appearance. This casual restaurant serves adorable animal shaped buns ($3.80), a trio of assorted har gau ($4.80) and deep-fried mango prawn rolls which are bound to keep the kids seated at the table. Meanwhile, grown-ups have choices like salted egg xiao long bao ($5.30), carrot cake with XO sauce ($7.80) and chilli crab xiao long bao ($4.80). A small selection of rice bowls and Hong Kong noodles are also available.

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  • Min Jiang
    7 / 10 Min Jiang

    Goodwood Park Hotel. Tel: 6730 1704

    This dim sum joint at Goodwood Park Hotel serves your food the old-fashioned way, on push trolleys. The dim sum served is equally nostalgic, including pan-fried carrot cake, deep fried yam puff with scallop and steamed BBQ pork buns. More items such as fried Teochew chive pancakes and mini black charcoal egg custard buns are bound to satisfy your taste buds.

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  • Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
    8 / 10 Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

    Choose from a variety of Crystal Jade locations

    When you want a break from the standard prawn filled har gau or pork siew mai, head to this casual restaurant that imparts piquant Jiangnan flavours in its dishes. Apart from the classic xiao long bao ($6.30), there’s the salted egg yolk, ($8.30) or chilli crab stuffed variety ($8.80) as well. Shanghai pork buns ($5.80), french bean and minced pork guo tie ($5.80) and a host of small dishes, from drunken chicken ($9.30) to chilled black fungus in vinegar ($7.30) are just some of the many items you can choose from.

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  • Clifford Pier
    9 / 10 Clifford Pier

    80 Collyer Quay, 049326. Tel: 6597 5266

    Although Fullerton Bay Hotel’s Clifford Pier is not a dim sum restaurant, they offer a fabulous dim sum for a relaxing weekend brunch ($49). Not only is their sizeable range of dim sum served at their gorgeously luxurious setting, they are served to you in traditional push trolleys. Plus, pick from a fairly large buffet of local favourites such as laksa, popiah and radish cake.

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  • Cherry Garden
    10 / 10 Cherry Garden

    Marina Square. Tel: 68853500

    A stalwart in the Chinese restaurant scene, Cherry Garden serves up some of the best and most creative dim sum in town, alongside traditional dishes. Presented in modern steel baskets instead of the traditional bamboo variety, dim sum picks include steamed wagyu beef dumpling in sha cha sauce ($7), crispy snow crab dumpling, and steamed prawn dumpling with black garlic. Cherry Garden also provides a good weekend dim sum brunch ($68) which also features a good selection of soups, hot dishes, noodles, congee, and dessert.

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