Foods That Damage Your Teeth

by Divyata Raut
FOOD  |  July 21, 2017
  • Lemon
    1 / 5 Lemon

    There is a thing as having too much lemon water! Although the effects are aplenty on your body, lemon and other citrusy fruits damage your teeth enamel. Over time, this constant erosion will reveal dentin, a yellow hued layer beneath your enamel. 

    Do: Limit your consumption of lemon water or use a straw to sip on your lemon water to avoid contact with your teeth.

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  • Coffee and Tea
    2 / 5 Coffee and Tea

    Dark beverages like coffee and tea contain tannins, an antioxidant that is responsible for staining your teeth. 

    Do: Add a splash of milk to your coffee or tea brews to lighten up the dark hues.

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  • Tomatoes
    3 / 5 Tomatoes

    We knew pasta sauce was bad for us. Sadly, the acidity in tomatoes or tomato based sauces can cause your teeth to look yellow due to the damage to your teeth enamel. 

    Do: Have spinach or broccoli before digging into your plate of pasta as these vegetables form a protective layer over your teeth.

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  • Sugar
    4 / 5 Sugar

    The bacteria in your mouth love sugar as much as you do. The sugars from your sodas or sweet treats will stay in the crevices in your teeth which attract bacteria! The bacteria then feast on these sugars and release corrosive acids, explaining why we have tooth decays.

    Do: Brush your teeth after having sweet drinks, candies, chocolates or pastries.

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  • Wine
    5 / 5 Wine

    Red wine contains substances that cause stains to your teeth almost instantly. Sadly, that’s because red wine has the infamous tannins that are found in teas and coffees. And you’re not safe if you opt for white wine either as the acidity of white wines corrode your pearly whites! 

    Do: Swish some water in your mouth after every glass of wine.

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