8 Commonly Healthy Foods That are Bad For You

by Divyata Raut
FOOD  |  July 17, 2017
  • 1. Granola Bars
    1 / 8 1. Granola Bars

    Oats, barley and raisins in a convenient bar to hold on to and snack on the go. Sounds like a healthy snack plan, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, most granola bars you see at supermarkets are held together with syrupy goodness to make it even more of a treat.

    Instead: A cup of oatmeal with fresh fruits and nuts are much healthier. Or, make your own granola bars, sans the additives.

    Photo: WikimediaImages / www.pixabay.com

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  • 2. Nuts
    2 / 8 2. Nuts

    Nuts can easily wreak havoc on your waistline if not consumed mindfully. Just because they have essential fatty acids doesn’t mean you can munch on them throughout the day. Half a cup of almonds clock in at about 412 calories- an alarming number for a 3 pm snack.

    Instead: Ration your portions and just bring a handful to work so you don’t need to worry about inhaling a whole load of calories with a bowl of nuts.

    Photo: stevepb / www.pixabay.com

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  • 3. Flavoured Yoghurt
    3 / 8 3. Flavoured Yoghurt

    Before you proceed to the counter to pay for your favourite flavour of packaged yoghurt, do a quick check on the ingredients and sugar level. Most of them use artificial colourings, flavourings and thickening agents in order to make the yoghurt tastier. Extra sugar is also added which does not complement your clean eating in any way!

    Instead: Mix chopped strawberries, mangoes or coconut flesh and a drizzle of honey in plain yoghurt for the same great taste.

    Photo: ponce_photography / www.pixabay.com

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  • 4. Processed Cheese
    4 / 8 4. Processed Cheese

    Here’s the thing about sliced cheese from the supermarket- it is so processed that it technically can’t be called actual cheese. It’s really just a mixture of milk solids, oils, sodium, sugar and preservatives. So can we really be calling that sliced piece of cheese in our sandwich a source of calcium and dairy?

    Instead: Make your sandwich a little more gourmet by adding either cottage cheese, feta or gouda!

    Photo: congerdesign / www.pixabay.com

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  • 5. Instant Oats
    5 / 8 5. Instant Oats

    Oats that come in small sachets are often laced with milk powder and salt. Instant oats are also pre-cooked which explains why it does not have the texture and fibre that rolled oats have, hence making it an unhealthy breakfast option if consumed daily.

    Instead: Cooked rolled oats with a splash of milk ensures that there are absolutely no hidden preservatives or additives inside your daily breakfast.

    Photo: annafood/ www.pixabay.com

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  • 6. Sandwiches
    6 / 8 6. Sandwiches

    The bread and wraps at commercialised sandwich chains contain loads of sodium and additives. It’s worse if you opt for processed meat and creamy or tangy sauces. Your 6-inch delight might just be a calorie bomb that is detrimental to your waistline and health.

    Instead: Opt for brown bread and go for a slab of grilled chicken instead of the preserved meats. Choose salt and pepper instead of any sauces.

    Photo: WandererCreative / www.pixabay.com

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  • 7. Smoothies
    7 / 8 7. Smoothies

    Smoothie chains are aplenty in Singapore, often with snaking queues after lunch time. Store made smoothies often add heavy cream or sorbet to your chosen drink for a horrifyingly fatty blend of fruits, cream and sugar. Don’t even think about upsizing your drink!

    Instead: Ask for your smoothies without the cream or sorbets. The fruits should have enough sugar to make the smoothie sweet enough for your taste buds.

    Photo: StockSnap / www.pixabay.com

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  • 8. Sushi
    8 / 8 8. Sushi

    Heading to a Japanese restaurant to comply to your pact of clean eating? A risky option, given the mouth-watering sushi rolls with hidden mayonnaise and sauces inside. Having a yummy sushi roll for starters while waiting for your main dish of rice of noodles could easily go over 500 calories.

    Instead: Order the edamame while waiting for your main dish of salmon don- fresh raw fish over a bed of white rice.

    Photo: Photo Collections / www.pexels.com

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