These Carbs Are Better Than Your Regular White Rice And Noodles

by Estelle Low
FOOD  |  August 17, 2017
  • Love carbs? So do we.
    1 / 7 Love carbs? So do we.

    White rice, sugary bread, cakes and pastries are considered bad carbs as they are highly refined and processed. On the other hand, whole grains and wholewheat products are seen as good carbs, as they are higher in fibre, vitamins and minerals, and take a longer time to be digested.

    If you’ve only been eating white rice, white bread and processed noodles, now’s the time to start incorporating whole grains into your diet.

    These options will satisfy your longing for rice and noodles without packing on copious amounts of carbs. When prepared right, they are downright nutritious and tasty!

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    Photo: Toyo Rice Corporation

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  • Kang Kang Whole Grain Noodles
    2 / 7 Kang Kang Whole Grain Noodles

    $2.45 for three 150g packs, NTUC Fairprice and Sheng Siong stores

    Available in Hokkien noodles, kway teow and bee tai mak, these individually packed noodles are pasteurised and can last up to 30 days without refrigeration. The best part: No cooking is required. Just mix in your desired ingredients and seasoning, and it’s ready to eat! Each serving provides one-third of your daily wholegrain requirement, and is 25 per cent lower in sodium compared to regular fresh noodles. The noodles are Halal-certified and carry the Health Promotion Board Healthier Choice Symbol.

    Photo: TSK Foods

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  • Miracle Noodle Spaghetti
    3 / 7 Miracle Noodle Spaghetti

    $29.40 for 200g, and

    Made from konjac flour, water and fibre, these “noodles” (also known as shirataki noodles) contain just 3g carbs and 10 calories per 100g serving. Comparatively, an equivalent serving of pasta has 25g carbs and 130 calories. Just don’t expect them to taste like wheat noodles. These have a jelly-like texture and little flavour on their own. Work them into sauce-based dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese and laksa for a yummy meal with less carbs. No food coma afterwards.

    Photo: The Clever Consumer

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  • Maggi Oatmee
    4 / 7 Maggi Oatmee

    $2.95 for four packs, major supermarkets

    Instant noodle junkies, consider this your healthier choice. Made with 51 per cent wholegrain oat flour, one serving of Maggi Oatmee contains about 4g of fibre, equivalent to a cup of oatmeal. Taste wise, the noodles are chewier and springier than other dry instant mee we’ve tried, which slowed down our eating and promoted mindfulness, we think! It comes in two flavours: savoury soy chicken and curry. To cut the sodium level, halve the seasoning.

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    Photo: Nestle Singapore

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  • Superlife Asian Quinoa Packs
    5 / 7 Superlife Asian Quinoa Packs

    From $8.90 per pack,

    Here’s why quinoa is favoured by foodies: It has three times the protein and fibre than white rice. Plus, the tiny morsels are so fun to chew. These quick-prep quinoa packs come in an assortment of flavours – mushroom, Japanese, Korean kimchi, spicy curry and Thai green curry – and only require you to add water to the ingredients in a rice cooker. No rinsing required! The Superlife store also carries plain quinoa products if you wish to whip up something from scratch.

    Photo: Superlife Co.

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  • Hakubaku Multi Grains For Rice – 16 Grains
    6 / 7 Hakubaku Multi Grains For Rice – 16 Grains

    $16.50 for 15 packets, selected supermarkets

    Jazz up white rice by adding these mixed grains and seeds to cook together. They consist of barley, brown rice, adlay (job’s tears), corn, proso millet, black rice, red rice, amaranth, quinoa, oxtail millet, black sesame, white sesame, sorghum, adzuki beans, barnyard millet and black soya beans – all high in fibre as well as essential vitamins and minerals. You’ll also get extra flavour and texture!

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    Photo: Hakubaku

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  • Kinmemai Better Brown Rice
    7 / 7 Kinmemai Better Brown Rice

    $9.80 for 1kg; $44 for 5kg, Cold Storage, Market Place by Jasons and leading Japanese supermarkets

    Not all brown rice is coarse and tough to chew. Case in point: The Kinmemai Better Brown Rice by Japanese company Toyo Rice Corporation tastes just like white rice. A buffing technique removes the outer wax layer, resulting in super smooth grains that cook more quickly than conventional brown rice. With that, the company says, the rice is able to absorb more water, so you’ll end up eating about 20 per cent less than your usual portion. Its moistness and fluffiness makes the rice perfect for any dish from fried rice to risotto!

    Photo: Toyo Rice Corporation

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