5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Coriander

by Divyata Raut
FOOD  |  June 20, 2018
  • What is coriander?
    1 / 7 What is coriander?

    Referred to as coriander or cilantro, this green herb is more than just a pretty garnish. This nutty, almost bitter-tasting leaf delivers an insane amount of vitamins and minerals to your body. Click through to find out exactly how your health benefits from coriander. Plus, we recommend delicious ways to increase your intake of this herb – even if you find it nasty-tasting.

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  • Coriander gives you stronger hair
    2 / 7 Coriander gives you stronger hair

    Got a hair loss problem? Coriander might help. Coriander is high in vitamin K, which assists the regulation of calcium in the body. As this herb is a rich source of vitamin K, coriander is beneficial for hair, and even bone health. Vitamin K is essential for hair growth, so munching on these herbs will help to maintain the quality of your tresses.

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  • Coriander lowers blood sugar levels
    3 / 7 Coriander lowers blood sugar levels

    This herb is fantastic for your cardiovascular health. According to a study, increasing the intake of coriander in your dishes reduces blood sugar levels that could be responsible for conditions like obesity and diabetes. The high antioxidant content of coriander decreases the amount of sugar in your bloodstream, so go ahead and add more coriander to your dishes.

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  • Coriander treats digestive issues
    4 / 7 Coriander treats digestive issues

    If you usually feel uneasy after your meals, it’s time to introduce the amazing coriander to your gut. Coriander has cooling properties that eases gas, digestive discomfort and bloating. It also delivers potent detoxification benefits, which means that ingesting this medicinal herb reduces the possibility of getting painful stomach cramps, or heartburn.

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  • Coriander keeps your skin healthy
    5 / 7 Coriander keeps your skin healthy

    Free radicals from environmental pollutants can wreak havoc on your skin. Although such factors are out of your control, increasing your intake of coriander helps greatly. According to a study, coriander protected skin cells, as its compounds helped to fight off oxidative damage.

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  • Coriander helps you sleep better
    6 / 7 Coriander helps you sleep better

    How about a daily dose of coriander to calm your nerves? A study revealed that the ingestion of coriander decreases your anxiety. Taking some coriander with your food may induce sleep for a restful slumber at night. Spike your water with coriander leaves, and be generous with your garnishes for an ample intake of this powerful herb. It just might help you sleep better at night.

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  • How to increase your intake of coriander?
    7 / 7 How to increase your intake of coriander?

    The amount of calories in coriander is virtually non-existent. If you are repulsed by the taste of coriander, work your way around it by chopping the herb finely before using as a garnish. For a healthy dose of this medicinal leaf, start your mornings with a pineapple, cucumber and cilantro smoothie. The cucumber adds a crisp and fresh taste to your drink while tangy pineapple balances out the coriander’s bitterness.

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