9 Ways to Curb Your Salt Cravings For Good

by Yuen Yi Ying
FOOD  |  May 28, 2018
  • Stop those salt cravings
    1 / 10 Stop those salt cravings

    On average, Singaporeans eat 9g of salt a day, almost twice the recommended daily limit of 5g. Here’s how to stop craving salt and keep your sodium habit in check.

    All images: Pixabay

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  • Make sure you’re getting your minerals
    2 / 10 Make sure you’re getting your minerals

    Lacking some essential minerals could make you crave for a salty snack. Some common deficiencies include calcium, found in soya and dairy products, zinc, which is abundant in seafood and legumes, as well as magnesium, which you can get from leafy greens and grains. Add these foods to your shopping cart instead of another bag of chips.

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  • Learn to read food labels
    3 / 10 Learn to read food labels

    According to the Health Promotion Board, adults should not have more than 2,000mg of sodium a day. If you’re wondering how much sodium goes into a serving of crackers or can of soup, look at the label to determine if it’s going to push you over your limit. Also remember, some labels can be misleading. For example, a packet of instant noodles may list the values of half a packet of noodles although people are more likely to down the whole lot.

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  • Finetune your recipes
    4 / 10 Finetune your recipes

    Salt doesn’t automatically have to go in every recipe. For instance, if you’re using miso, or cheese, both of which are high in sodium, your dish probably already tastes fine without reaching for the salt shaker. Alternatively, try flavouring your dish with low-sodium salt or soya sauce, just don’t be tempted to add more than usual because that will defeat the purpose.

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  • Use herbs and spices
    5 / 10 Use herbs and spices

    Instead of using salt to boost flavours in your dish, add complexity and a little excitement with spices and herbs. Experiment with both fresh and dried herbs, or add a dash of something you’ve never tried before. You may just stumble upon a new favourite creation.

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  • Go easy on condiments
    6 / 10 Go easy on condiments

    We’re not just talking about cooking with less sauces — oyster, fish, soya, teriyaki and the like. Other dipping condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, chilli and salsa can also be high in sodium, and if you’re pairing them with salty chips or fries, it can be a bad combination for your blood pressure.

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  • Pack away your salt shaker
    7 / 10 Pack away your salt shaker

    If you instinctively sprinkle on the salt without even tasting your food first, consider taking salt off the dining table. Also, it’s important to realise that starchy foods like lentils and potato tend to mute salty flavours, so the dish probably already has a good amount of sodium, and adding more would be going overboard.

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  • Don’t drink the soup
    8 / 10 Don’t drink the soup

    If you’re eating outside, avoid ordering stews, soups or congee, which may be heavily salted. If there’s no option of draining off the gravy, ask if the food can be prepared with less salt. And if that’s not an option, order something else instead.

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  • Cut out processed foods
    9 / 10 Cut out processed foods

    Processed foods contain an unbelievable amount of salt, not to mention sugar, which makes them so addictive. They may taste good, but remember they’ll never be as nutritious, or as healthy as fresh foods, so it’s best to avoid them as much as possible.

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  • Reduce your intake gradually
    10 / 10 Reduce your intake gradually

    Identify some of your favourite salty foods, and start cutting them out of your diet over the course of a week. You can also start cooking with less or no salt. Before you know it, you may find outside food too salty for your taste!

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